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October 2016

Makakilo History: From Signs in The Skies to Modern Real Estate

Makakilo’s value in Pre-Contact Hawaii rested, just as it does today, on its elevation above the Ewa Plain. Kahunas came to the peaks here to watch the skies by day and the stars at night, divining signs that foretold the future and spoke the will of the gods. The Ali’i depended on these priests for guidance in almost every aspect of their lives, from whether their conduct pleased the deities …Read More

Kaneohe History: From Major Food Source to Unique Real Estate

It can be hard to believe now, but Kaneohe was once a major source of food for Oahu residents, as far back as history can go. In those centuries before European contact, the lands and coastline here provided almost every aspect of Native Hawaiian’s diet. Taro, breadfruit, bananas and almost every other crop grown on Oahu was farmed here, making it an important, if not crucial, part of life for …Read More

Waikele History: From Muddy Water to Modern Real Estate

It is difficult to pinpoint much of the early development of the neighborhood we know as Waikele today. That’s because it was originally the name of the entire ahupua’a that stretched from the Koolaua Mountains down to the sea. When Waikele is spoken of in the historic sources, it applies to a vast area, of which the current name-bearer was just a small part. Today it falls under the city …Read More

Manaolana Place: New Condo Hotel in Honolulu

Manaolana Place is a new condo hotel, to be located on the corner of Atkinson Dr & Kapiolani Blvd. Honolulu’s City Council approved the project early October 2016. Current information is still very preliminary and this post will be updated as we learn more. Email Kristian – kristian@honoluluhi5.com – if you are interested in the latest news on Manaolana Place (if you are represented by a Realtor, please ask your Realtor about Manaolana Place). About Manaolana Place …Read More

Mililani Mauka History: From Farmland to Modern Real Estate

Central Oahu’s place in the history of Pre-Contact Hawaii, showed that its literal role as the center of Oahu often paralleled its significance in other ways. The lands of today’s Mililani Mauka was a part of this, though what is recorded doesn’t tell us much about specific areas except for truly noteworthy instances. The fertility of these lands, combined with the cooler temperatures made them exceedingly attractive. This resulted in …Read More