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New Honolulu Condo Building Boom?

Recently we have been asked to comment about:  “..the explosion of condos going up in the Kapiolani/Ala Moana area. Will they get built? Why or why not? Is there still an appetite for these projects? Why or why not?” Contrary to the what some might think, the recent Honolulu condo building boom is barely a drop in the bucket to satisfy Honolulu’s strong housing demand. The real issue is affordability for …Read More

10 Amazing Streets In Diamond Head & Kahala

One of our well-to-do Beverly Hills client is accustomed to a certain way a neighborhood should look. Occasionally he would go sightseeing in Honolulu and report when he discovered what he referred to as a more normal looking street. Inspired by his keen observations we compiled the following list of fine Diamond Head and Kahala streets. This list is subjective and each street made the list for a variety of …Read More

Top 5 Tips To Succeed Finding Your Dream Home

Finding the right home may seem daunting, especially moving into a new neighborhood. Based on the many inquiries we receive daily, we put together the following recommendations to help you avoid potential pitfalls and prepare you to successfully find your dream home. 1.) Get pre-approved before looking at homes This is by far the most important recommendations we can make, unless you have enough money for an all cash purchase. Buyers often …Read More

Claim Your Honolulu Home Exemption & Save Big

If you live in your home or condo as your primary residence in Honolulu County, that is the island of Oahu, you need to claim your Home Exemption.  This is a tax break that will save you thousands of dollars in property taxes. You need to file by September 30, the annual filing due date. Your tax break will take effect next fiscal year, starting July 1st after the Sept filing deadline. …Read More

Guide to 400+ Ocean & Beachfront Homes in Honolulu

Have you ever dreamed what it would be like to live in a nice home right by the ocean? Would you feel like Magnum P.I. as seen in the famous TV show Hawaii Five-0? Millions have seen the show and have been inspired and awestruck by blue ocean, dancing palm trees and sunny blue skies.  This is not a coincident. Honolulu stands head above shoulders compared to many other coastal locations in America offering …Read More

How To Lower Your Honolulu Property Tax

Here are two tips how to lower your Honolulu property tax: 1.) How to lower your Honolulu property tax – Declaration Regarding Condominium Use.  You might own a Honolulu condo in a building that is zoned for hotel use and allows short term vacation rentals. We call them ‘condotels’ because the condo could also function as a hotel room.  That is if the building allows short term rental terms of less than 30 days.  Some of …Read More

Stunning Hawaii Kai Ocean View Homes

Hawaii Kai’s special connection to the ocean is apparent the minute you first visit. The Hawaii Kai Marina is an extension of the ocean and makes one of the main neighborhood features, creating Hawaii Kai’s special allure and its awesome unique lifestyle. We described in detail Hawaii Kai’s marina front homes and neighborhoods here. We also wrote extensively about marina front condos & townhomes here.  There are about 520 single …Read More

Oahu Real Estate Market Outlook – June 2016

Paul Brewbaker with TZ Economics is one of the sharpest and most respected economist here in Hawaii. His analysis on Hawaii economics and Oahu real estate is candid and insightful. Summarized below are a few key takeaway points from his presentation during the 6/8/2016 HBR regional meeting in Honolulu. These are subjective notes we took during the presentation with particular focus on Paul’s current Oahu real estate market outlook. But …Read More

Guide To Hawaii Kai Marina Front Condos & Townhomes

If you always dreamed about living on the Hawaii Kai Marina, you have come to the right place. Here is your ultimate reference guide to all Hawaii Kai marina front condos and townhomes including videos, maps, tax records and the inside scoop. If you prefer a detached single family home rather than a condo or townhouse, skip right to #10 on our list. Also explore our complete list of Hawaii Kai …Read More

Hawaii Kai’s Top Marina Front Homes & Neighborhoods

Hawaii Kai’s special allure and its amazing lifestyle has been previously discussed. There simply isn’t any other place where you can ride your boat from your own backyard dock across the marina to go shopping, catch a movie or dinner. Or, you might like to ride out to the ocean, due West around Diamond Head and temporarily moor your boat in front of Waikiki.  Paddle to the beach, enjoy a Waikiki sunset …Read More