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Mililani Mauka History: From Farmland to Modern Real Estate

Central Oahu’s place in the history of Pre-Contact Hawaii, showed that its literal role as the center of Oahu often paralleled its significance in other ways. The lands of today’s Mililani Mauka was a part of this, though what is recorded doesn’t tell us much about specific areas except for truly noteworthy instances. The fertility of these lands, combined with the cooler temperatures made them exceedingly attractive. This resulted in …Read More

Peninsula At Hawaii Kai – Floor Plans

‘Peninsula at Hawaii Kai’  is Hawaii Kai’s newest marina front residential community.  This popular neighborhood is gated and is surrounded on three sides by the Hawaii Kai Marina.  Check our Peninsula At Hawaii Kai video. Learn about this exciting newer neighborhood and search all Peninsula At Hawaii Kai condos and townhomes for sale. The Peninsula at Hawaii Kai consists of five different types of housing products:  1.) Executive Residences,   2.) Carriage Ways,   3.) The Cottages,   4.) The Villas,   5.) The …Read More

‘Leolani’ Floor Plans – Hawaii Kai’s Kamilo Nui neighborhood

‘Leolani’ is one of Hawaii Kai’s popular newer residential subdivisions in the Kamilo Nui neighborhood. Check our Kamilo Nui – Leolani aerial video.  Learn all about this exciting newer neighborhood and search all Kamilo Nui / Leolani homes for sale in Hawaii Kai. Here you will find all Leolani floor plans with Leolani subdivision map:   1.) The Rhapsody:  5 BR, 2.5 BA, with 2,193 sq ft interior living space.  ground floor:   1.) The Rhapsody:  5 BR, 2.5 …Read More

Ewa Beach: Great Shopping & Awesome Dining

Dining, and especially shopping, have a profound influence on your daily experience in a home. There’s a big difference in being able to run out at a moment’s notice for that one item you need and having to wait to do errands on your way home from work. Convenience is an integral part of real estate satisfaction. We’re happy to tell you that the homes in Ewa Beach give you …Read More

Ewa Beach Facilities: Schools, Health, Parks & Beaches

When you’re looking at an Ewa Beach home, you’re not just considering the residence alone. You’re also considering the community as a whole. Is this a place where not only you, but your entire family can live and have access to both the essentials as well as recreation options, which, for many are also essential. We’re talking about the schools, the health care options, the parks and other aspects that …Read More

Kakaako Condos – Rental Rules

Kakaako condos – new vacation rental rule?  – updated 4/22/16 See update 4/22/16 on the bottom of the post! On 2/25/2016 PBN published an article titled: “Regulators warn Honolulu condo unit owners about vacation rental rule.”  The article states: “Under current rule by the Hawaii Community Development Authority, the State agency regulating development in the area, condo units may not be rented for fewer than 180 days.” The article also …Read More

Guide to Fishing in Hawaii: Oahu, Maui, Kauai & Big Island

Fishing in Hawaii is more than a hobby. It’s a deeply rooted part of local culture, a critical source of sustenance from the moment these Islands were first occupied. There are those, especially in the Native Hawaiian community, who still today depend on the ocean for much of their family’s daily food, perpetuating the lifestyle of their ancestors. It’s also an honored way for both locals and visitors to relax, …Read More

Ko Olina Developments: 1980’s to Present

In many ways, Ko Olina’s history and development has closely reflected the modern economic history of Hawaii. The Campbell family famously created the sugarcane plantations that established the first significant communities of the Ewa Plain. What is now Ko Olina, though, was reserved as the Campbell’s personal retreat. It’s weather and scenery was easily recognized as something very special even then. The closing of the plantations brought vast land sales …Read More