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  • Address: 444 Nahua St, Honolulu, HI 96815.
  • Built in 1976, 192 Units on 22 Floors, Studio - 1BR, Pets: OK (verify).
  • Amenities include Pool, Sauna, BBQ, Exercise Room, Rooftop Recreation Area, Showers, Kitchen. 

About 444 Nahua
The address 444 Nahau St wouldn't ring any bells for most people, but start talking about what's conveniently nearby and you'll get immediate recognition. The 444 Nahua condo is just ½ block up from the world famous International Marketplace, 2 blocks (or less) from the only real grocery store in Waikiki and part of the building fronts the Ala Wai Canal. To put it plainly, you're in Waikiki central.

That, in a nutshell, is a perfect location, especially for your guests if, like some of the owners here, you use the 444 Nahua condos as an income-producing vacation property (only allowed for units where owners hold valid nonconforming use certificates - read more here). When you can start with the above line-up of pluses, you know you're on to a good thing that won't be a hard sell.

Even better, the units are larger than the typical Waikiki condos, with Studios taking up 578 to 593 sq ft (including lanai) and the 1BRs, also with lanai, covering 730 to 820 sq ft. In certain cases that lanai takes up as much as 200 sq ft alone, a significant space where vacationers love to spend their leisure time.

Overall, the best units in 444 Nahua are probably those on the Ala Wai Side. Not only do they stay cooler from the breezes that come through regularly, they also look out at the golf course, the canal and the majestic mountains standing over Honolulu.

Another big plus is the recreation deck, which takes up the rooftop area, giving you a view that includes all 360 degrees around you. Up there you'll find the pool, with nothing but sky above it, an exercise room, 3 bbq areas, along with a kitchen area for those who want to do even more cooking. All of this up on the very heights of Waikiki's skyline!

444 Nahua is a fee simple project with very few leasehold units, the lease due to be up in 2051. With the changes that may come with that approaching date, you should understand all the possible ramifications. Make sure you have experienced guidance so you can reap the full benefits of this building and all its advantages.

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  • 444 Nahua Condos - Trends & Statistics

  • The median price of condos sold in 444 Nahua year-to-date (2016) is $312K. In previous years it was $350K (2015), $340K (2014), $315K (2013), $281K (2012), $293K (2011), $255K (2010), $280K (2009), $311K (2008), $335K (2007), $346K (2006), $263K (2005), $225K (2004), $184K (2003).
  • 5 condos have sold in 444 Nahua year-to-date (2016). In previous years, the total number of condos sold were 9 (2015), 9 (2014), 5 (2013), 4 (2012), 6 (2011), 5 (2010), 5 (2009), 6 (2008), 5 (2007), 1 (2006), 11 (2005), 9 (2004), 8 (2003).
  • On average 444 Nahua condos were on the market for 134 days before they were sold (2016). In previous years it was 95 days (2015), 65 days (2014), 83 days (2013), 23 days (2012), 39 days (2011), 127 days (2010), 65 days (2009), 71 days (2008), 83 days (2007), 46 days (2006), 42 days (2005), 70 days (2004), 73 days (2003).
  • The total dollar volume sold in 444 Nahua year-to-date has been $1.55M(2016). In previous years sold dollar volume was $3.11M (2015), $3.05M (2014), $1.58M (2013), $1.02M (2012), $1.75M (2011), $1.34M (2010), $1.34M (2009), $1.87M (2008), $1.68M (2007), $346K (2006), $3.02M (2005), $1.98M (2004), $1.47M (2003).
  • The most recent sale in 444 Nahua was a condo located at #1101 , sold for $312K on Oct 31, 2016. It had 529sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: #1103 (521sf) sold for $305K on 4/20/2016. #804 (574sf) sold for $330K on 3/14/2016. #2212 (429sf) sold for $320K on 2/16/2016. #704 (521sf) sold for $290K on 2/2/2016. #1703 (521sf) sold for $349K on 10/19/2015. #805 (521sf) sold for $345K on 9/24/2015. #1009 (527sf) sold for $356K on 9/4/2015. #1202 (521sf) sold for $355K on 8/6/2015. #2102 (521sf) sold for $355K on 6/12/2015.