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  • Address: 1425 Ward Ave, Honolulu, HI 96822.
  • Built in 1968, 25 Floors with 50 Units,  2 - 4BR, Pets: No.
  • Ameneties include Pool, Recreation Room, Resident Manager.

About Academy Towers
Come to the Academy Towers and revel in the perks you get here! It's a building that has flown under the radar somehow, but appreciated by all lucky enough to live within its walls.

We'll begin with the big concern, the size of your living space. First, though, you need to know that there are only 2 units on each floor. You have an entire side of the building to yourself, taking up either Ewa or Diamond Head.

Almost every condo is a 2BR/2BA with 1188 sq ft of interior, with a very few others of 3BR/3BA (1538 sq ft) and 4BR/3BA (2020 sq ft) on the top floors.

Big inside doesn't always mean big outside, but here it does, with lanais that give you a minimum of 150 sq ft, going on up to 262 sq ft. Many wrap around to increase the vistas substantially. You'll find that a lot of owners have enclosed these spaces, expanding the interiors even more.

The views take in the entire range of Honolulu's central area, looking out to Diamond Head, the Koolau Mountains, the ocean swells and, for some, Sunrise and Sunset vistas that set each day apart so distinctly.

Back indoors, you'll find walk-in closets in both bedrooms of the 2BR condos, providing the kind of room you want for your clothes and important items.

With a great location near Downtown, the Ward/Kakaako district now flourishing and H1 nearby for fast entrances onto the freeway, you've checked off a lot of important boxes for your Honolulu home. Time to make an offer.

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  • ACADEMY TOWERS Condos - Trends & Statistics

  • The median price of condos sold in ACADEMY TOWERS year-to-date (2016) is $558K. In previous years it was $487K (2015), $472K (2014), $400K (2010), $430K (2008), $534K (2006), $385K (2005), $388K (2004), $276K (2003).
  • 1 condo has sold in ACADEMY TOWERS year-to-date (2016). In previous years, the total number of condos sold were 4 (2015), 2 (2014), 1 (2010), 1 (2008), 1 (2006), 1 (2005), 5 (2004), 2 (2003).
  • On average ACADEMY TOWERS condos were on the market for 30 days before they were sold (2016). In previous years it was 118 days (2015), 34 days (2014), 57 days (2010), 78 days (2008), 91 days (2006), 152 days (2005), 31 days (2004), 215 days (2003).
  • The average days on market for ACADEMY TOWERS condos before sold was 30 days November 2016.
  • The ratio of ACADEMY TOWERS condos sales price vs list price was 100.0% November 2016
  • 1 ACADEMY TOWERS condo was sold November 2016
  • The total dollar volume sold in ACADEMY TOWERS year-to-date has been $558K(2016). In previous years sold dollar volume was $1.97M (2015), $945K (2014), $400K (2010), $430K (2008), $534K (2006), $385K (2005), $2.07M (2004), $553K (2003).
  • The most recent sale in ACADEMY TOWERS was a condo located at #11E , sold for $558K on Nov 04, 2016. It had 1300sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: #23E (891sf) sold for $495K on 10/6/2015. #16E (1,188sf) sold for $450K on 7/31/2015. #11W (1,188sf) sold for $480K on 7/24/2015. #15E (1,188sf) sold for $550K on 3/17/2015. #15-E (1,188sf) sold for $420K on 6/10/2014. #8W (1,290sf) sold for $525K on 5/22/2014. #9E (1,188sf) sold for $400K on 1/6/2010. #4E (1,188sf) sold for $430K on 10/6/2008. #ENE (1,188sf) sold for $534K on 4/27/2006.