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672 Keolu Drive
$1,650,000 4 Bd / 3 Ba / 1,993 sf

Breathtaking Koolau & Lake v...

Sunday Open House
986 Akumu Street
$785,000 6 Bd / 3 Ba / 2,284 sf

Only single family home in Encha...

1248 Kahili Street
$999,000 4 Bd / 3 Ba / 2,210 sf

Well maintained family home in q...

622 Paopua Loop
$1,175,000 5 Bd / 4 Ba / 3,120 sf

Open Sunday, Jan. 8, 2-5pm. Spac...

1451 Akupa Street
$960,000 3 Bd / 2 Ba / 1,408 sf

Enchanted Lake - 3BR/2BA single ...

580 Papalani Street
$1,425,000 3 Bd / 3 Ba / 1,800 sf

We invite you to experience true...

1127 Lauloa Street
$839,500 3 Bd / 2 Ba / 1,666 sf

Tucked away on a small street in...

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About Enchanted Lake
Enchanted Lake, located on Oahu’s Windward side in Kailua, is a nice, family-friendly neighborhood in one of the island’s favorite beach towns. Enchanted Lake is named for the lake in the center of the neighborhood. The Hawaiian name is Kaelepulu Lake, but it is most often called Enchanted Lake today.

Enchanted Lake homes encircle the lake, the adjoining canal which leads to Kailua Bay, and some homes border the golf course at Mid-Pacific Country Club. It’s a highly-desired location – just a short drive, bike ride, or walk to Kailua’s town center, Kailua Beach Park and Lanikai Beach, both of which have garnered rave reviews for their soft white sand, clear blue water and beautiful surroundings. There are public and private schools right in the neighborhood and throughout Kailua as well, along with public parks and even a skate park. And in addition to the boutique shopping and excellent dining options that are found in Kailua Town, homes in Enchanted Lake also have easy access to the medium-sized shopping center right in the neighborhood, featuring a grocery store, Starbucks, casual restaurants and shops.

The Enchanted Lake canal runs from the lake into Kailua Bay, and while swimming is not recommended, you can access the canal in small watercraft. This means that with a small boat, a kayak or a stand up paddleboard, property fronting the lake or canal has direct access to the ocean! If your dream house does not front the water, don’t worry! Enchanted Lake is safe to navigate on foot. It’s very pedestrian-friendly, as is most of Kailua, with bike lanes on major roads and sidewalks on just about every street, large or small. This makes getting around on foot or bike, or heading out for some exercise a safe, convenient option.

Enchanted Lake is one of the major neighborhoods in Kailua. Most of the neighborhood surrounds the lake and canal, with the majority of homes located on Keolu Drive or any number of streets that branch off of this main road. Homes in Enchanted Lake vary widely in size and land options. While the neighborhood primarily features single-family homes, you’ll find small cottages on small lots, larger lakefront homes, and expansive homes on the hills rising up from this Kailua neighborhood. The most desired real estate here is waterfront or up on the hills, where you can enjoy great views of the lake and the neighborhood below.

Although not every Enchanted Lake home is placed directly on the lake or another prime piece of land, you’ll find great lots in between the water and hilltops all over this neighborhood – and for a much more reasonable price! A home just a one or two streets from the lake or canal, on the hill but not at the top of it, or further from Kailua Town than you might like for instance, may have everything you’re looking for.

Because Kailua is such a sought-after location, property anywhere in this town is in high demand. However, Enchanted Lake is special because of the variety of homes here. It’s not exclusively high-end or median. It’s a friendly, unpretentious section of a charming beach town, full of nicely-maintained houses, large and small. It’s very likely you’ll find what you’re looking for, whatever that may be, at a home in Enchanted Lake.  

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  • Enchanted Lake Houses - Trends & Statistics

  • The price range of houses for sale in Enchanted Lake is $785K to $1.65M with a median price of $999K, median interior of 1,993sf and median land size of 7,869sf.
  • The historic median sales price of houses sold in Enchanted Lake was $995K (2016), $1M (2015), $910K (2014), $920K (2013), $775K (2012), $758K (2011), $765K (2010), $701K (2009), $750K (2008), $775K (2007), $835K (2006), $799K (2005), $719K (2004), $519K (2003).
  • 0 houses have sold in Enchanted Lake year-to-date (Jan 23, 2017). In previous years, the total number of houses sold were 54 (2016), 34 (2015), 33 (2014), 37 (2013), 46 (2012), 36 (2011), 25 (2010), 37 (2009), 30 (2008), 40 (2007), 43 (2006), 37 (2005), 55 (2004), 52 (2003).
  • Historically, the average number of days it took to sell houses in Enchanted Lake was 71 days (2016), 60 days (2015), 82 days (2014), 62 days (2013), 64 days (2012), 39 days (2011), 40 days (2010), 50 days (2009), 71 days (2008), 71 days (2007), 68 days (2006), 28 days (2005), 38 days (2004), 42 days (2003).
  • The average days on market for Enchanted Lake houses before sold were 64 days December 2016 compared to 33 days December 2015.
  • The ratio of Enchanted Lake houses sales price vs list price were 99.0% December 2016 compared to 103.1% December 2015.
  • 2 Enchanted Lake houses were sold December 2016 compared to 2 houses sold December 2015.
  • The total dollar volume of houses currently for sale in Enchanted Lake is $7.83M . The sold dollar volume in previous years was $59M (2016), $35.49M (2015), $32.28M (2014), $34.56M (2013), $37.46M (2012), $29.32M (2011), $18.45M (2010), $27.04M (2009), $22.9M (2008), $32.9M (2007), $37.16M (2006), $31.35M (2005), $39.92M (2004), $27.98M (2003).
  • The most recent sale in Enchanted Lake was a house located at 983 Alahaki Street, sold for $910K on Dec 30, 2016. It had 1720sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: 886 Wanaao Road (1,374sf) sold for $1.3M on 12/22/2016. 586 Paopua Loop (1,937sf) sold for $989K on 11/23/2016. 1022 Kahili Street (2,135sf) sold for $860K on 11/22/2016. 463 Iana Street (2,221sf) sold for $1.41M on 11/18/2016. 1441 Akamai Place (1,841sf) sold for $990K on 10/17/2016. 665 Akoakoa Street (1,408sf) sold for $1.21M on 10/14/2016. 889 Akalei Place (1,774sf) sold for $810K on 10/7/2016. 674 Wanaao Road (1,781sf) sold for $958K on 9/30/2016. 1169 Kahili Street (2,386sf) sold for $1.19M on 9/29/2016.