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About Waikalani Woodlands
Waikalani Woodlands lives up to its name. Divided up into 4 high-rise buildings, they spread out over a huge expanse of private grounds. The landscape is pure lush greenery, including a small forest that doesn't just add shade, it also creates an internal separation, so you almost forget the other buildings even exist.

The condos first welcomed residents in 1976 to this wonderfully landscaped getaway, located next to H2 and just north of Mililani Town. For residents, there is nothing better than a stroll around the large spread of this complex and take in the scenery.

Of the 288 units, almost 2/3 are layouts of 2BR/1BA (793 sq ft), with the remaining 1/3 being 3BR/2BA (1,023 sq ft) residences. Your lanai is an additional 97 sq ft to add on to that, for both 2 and 3 bedroom options.

For outdoor types, what's especially attractive is that the greenery extends outside the borders of Waikalani Woodlands. Up here you're truly surrounded by nature, including the pristine Waikakalaua Ditch taking up all the land just south of you.

Yet just beyond that is the substantial shopping and dining options of Mililani Town, an easy drive south. You can take care of the groceries or a quick Long's visit and be right back in the fresh air of Woodlands in a few minutes.

That combination of nature's grace and the modern convenience of H2 make this the perfect spot for people who can appreciate the wealth of having these benefits in one. Are you one of them?

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  • Waikalani Woodlands 1 Condos - Trends & Statistics

  • The median price of condos sold in Waikalani Woodlands 1 year-to-date (2016) is $284K. In previous years it was $241K (2015), $230K (2014), $191K (2013), $187K (2012), $173K (2011), $171K (2010), $185K (2009), $222K (2008), $240K (2007), $253K (2006), $220K (2005), $150K (2004), $124K (2003).
  • 18 condos have sold in Waikalani Woodlands 1 year-to-date (2016). In previous years, the total number of condos sold were 27 (2015), 12 (2014), 12 (2013), 12 (2012), 14 (2011), 6 (2010), 19 (2009), 4 (2008), 23 (2007), 30 (2006), 37 (2005), 25 (2004), 14 (2003).
  • On average Waikalani Woodlands 1 condos were on the market for 60 days before they were sold (2016). In previous years it was 85 days (2015), 55 days (2014), 43 days (2013), 34 days (2012), 64 days (2011), 57 days (2010), 52 days (2009), 55 days (2008), 52 days (2007), 52 days (2006), 54 days (2005), 39 days (2004), 54 days (2003).
  • The total dollar volume sold in Waikalani Woodlands 1 year-to-date has been $5M(2016). In previous years sold dollar volume was $6.71M (2015), $2.75M (2014), $2.34M (2013), $2.24M (2012), $2.4M (2011), $990K (2010), $3.57M (2009), $880K (2008), $5.93M (2007), $7.96M (2006), $7.96M (2005), $3.95M (2004), $1.7M (2003).
  • The most recent sale in Waikalani Woodlands 1 was a condo located at #A407 , sold for $290K on Sep 08, 2016. It had 1023sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: # (1,023sf) sold for $305K on 8/26/2016. #B604 (793sf) sold for $290K on 8/3/2016. #C1003 (793sf) sold for $274K on 7/19/2016. #B1103 (793sf) sold for $269K on 7/1/2016. #B701 (793sf) sold for $295K on 6/27/2016. #D604 (793sf) sold for $280K on 6/17/2016. #C806 (1,033sf) sold for $303K on 6/3/2016. #D203 (793sf) sold for $265K on 5/20/2016. #A605 (1,023sf) sold for $270K on 5/6/2016.