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About Ihona
If you're a fan of parks, Ihona's homes are the place for you. You're right in the middle of two when you live here. Across the street is the huge Patsy Mink Park, with its Aquatic & Tennis Centers, multiple baseball diamonds and huge open spaces.

Just 2 blocks the other direction is Waipio Neighborhood Park, a smaller, but still extensive park with more courts and recreation opportunities.

Ihona is a community of its own, comprised of 11 2-story buildings with 132 residences across them. The condos have layouts of Studio/1BA (439 sq ft) and 1BR/1BA (439, 512 or 515 sq ft).

Lanais differ greatly, with 2nd floor units' having spaces of 38 to 55 sq ft, while those on the ground floor can be from 100 to 300 sq ft of lanai and courtyard.

Even with just two levels, the views can be incredible. Vistas from these homes take in the green mountains of Oahu, Diamond Head, the city lights of Honolulu and the ocean off of our coastline. Sunsets and Sunrises are even a part of each day for some residents.

You live right beside Kamehameha Hwy so you can be heading to town or up to the North Shore in no time. Waipio Shopping Center is only 3 blocks away, too, with its Foodland and great restaurants and shops.

Ihona has much to love, with all the recreation options you could want, a shopping center nearby and the fresh air of the Waipio area. Ready for a trip up here?

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  • Ihona Townhomes - Trends & Statistics

  • The median price of townhomes sold in Ihona year-to-date (2016) is $271K. In previous years it was $245K (2015), $250K (2014), $183K (2013), $177K (2012), $183K (2011), $195K (2010), $207K (2009), $190K (2008), $230K (2007), $209K (2006), $170K (2005), $137K (2004), $113K (2003).
  • 2 townhomes have sold in Ihona year-to-date (2016). In previous years, the total number of townhomes sold were 3 (2015), 1 (2014), 5 (2013), 1 (2012), 4 (2011), 3 (2010), 4 (2009), 7 (2008), 5 (2007), 14 (2006), 10 (2005), 16 (2004), 8 (2003).
  • On average Ihona townhomes were on the market for 43 days before they were sold (2016). In previous years it was 112 days (2015), 119 days (2014), 24 days (2013), 5 days (2012), 42 days (2011), 186 days (2010), 27 days (2009), 39 days (2008), 57 days (2007), 44 days (2006), 18 days (2005), 29 days (2004), 37 days (2003).
  • The total dollar volume sold in Ihona year-to-date has been $542K(2016). In previous years sold dollar volume was $735K (2015), $250K (2014), $916K (2013), $177K (2012), $729K (2011), $585K (2010), $810K (2009), $1.42M (2008), $1.14M (2007), $2.87M (2006), $1.7M (2005), $2.18M (2004), $863K (2003).
  • The most recent sale in Ihona was a townhome located at #B4 , sold for $275K on Oct 17, 2016. It had 439sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: #C5 (512sf) sold for $267K on 10/13/2016. #B4 (439sf) sold for $240K on 12/22/2015. #H12 (515sf) sold for $250K on 11/13/2015. #H3 (515sf) sold for $245K on 4/17/2015. #E3 (515sf) sold for $250K on 11/7/2014. #F1 (439sf) sold for $195K on 7/24/2013. #G10 (439sf) sold for $183K on 6/6/2013. #L1 (439sf) sold for $180K on 5/15/2013. #G3 (515sf) sold for $183K on 2/14/2013.