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Anaha: Sneak Peek Before Completion

Anaha – a new luxury condo in Honolulu – will soon be the 2nd condo towering in Ward Village, scheduled for completion October 2017. Waiea – an ultra-luxury condo – was the 1st project completed – November 2016 – in Ward Village. Just a few developer units remain unsold in Anaha as of writing and they range in price from $2.866M – $14M. For resale units click here. The following is a list …Read More

Moving to Hawaii Guide: Tips, Advice & More

If you are considering moving to Hawaii or want to know how to move to Hawaii, then this is a must read guide, covering a range of topics, including islands to consider, reasons to move / not to move to Hawaii, cost of living in Hawaii, jobs in Hawaii, moving to Hawaii with pets & more, including several links to some awesome resources around the web. Let’s start with a …Read More

How to Handle Your Family Home When Going Through a Divorce

Divorce is never an easy undertaking and can be especially stressful when jointly owned property is involved. Unfortunately I speak from experience as I myself have gone through it. I’m definitely not alone as almost half of every marriage in the United States ends up in divorce. These stats are brutal, and do not even convey the emotional and financial toll involved. My best piece of advice is: “Don’t get …Read More

GET & TAT In Hawaii – The Easiest Way To File & Pay

GET & TAT in Hawaii – The Easiest Way To File & Pay – Regardless where you live, if you collect income from rental properties located in the State of Hawaii you need to file and pay: General Excise Tax (GET) on all rents, and Transient Accommodation Tax (TAT) on rents from rental terms less than 180 days per tenant. If you receive income from a Waikiki condo, or Oahu …Read More

Ewa Beach Golf Course Communities

Not too long ago, Ewa Beach was the last place you’d ever expect golf course communities to spring up. The Ewa Plain had been famously converted from what was arid terrain into prime agricultural land in the late 19th Century by James Campbell through his unprecedented discovery of water sources deep in the ground. That led to a growing population, almost completely made up of a working class community that …Read More

New Rules And Filing Deadline To Dedicate Your Condotel For Residential Use

– Honolulu City Council recently adopted Ordinance 17-013 to include condominium units in the residential use dedication program. A condominium unit with multiple legally permitted uses will automatically be classified based on the units ‘highest and best use’ (means taxed at the highest of the multiple property tax rates), unless approved for residential use (you can not rent out your unit for shorter than 30-day rental terms), after the owner files by …Read More

New Listing: One Ala Moana Penthouse #2000

This is a stunning new 3 bedroom penthouse listing in One Ala Moana, tastefully designed by Indigo Republic Hawaii. If you’re looking for value in the luxury condo market this highly upgraded and spacious penthouse at the exclusive One Ala Moana is it. With a living room that has sweeping views off Magic Island and Ala Moana Beach as well as mountain and city views, there is plenty of space …Read More

7 Residential Real Estate Investment Strategies

7 Residential Real Estate Investment Strategies – Here are 7 real estate investment strategies to help build your real estate portfolio. These strategies could work anywhere in your local US real estate market. I personally have applied these strategies repeatedly with great success over the years (except strategy #2). Careful execution could yield amazing results.   Strategy #1: Buy a fixer home as an owner occupant, move in and use sweat equity to …Read More

Kailua’s Beachfront & Near Beachfront Neighborhoods

Kailua beachfront, and near-beach, neighborhoods are always toward the top for Windward Oahu home shoppers. That category is a good place to start, but a smart real estate buyer looking here needs to know more. There are a collection of these communities that provide such prized lots, each with their own feel and selling points that are their own. We’ll take you on a tour of each, revealing just how …Read More