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10 Awesome Streets in Ewa Beach

What makes an Awesome Street in Ewa Beach, or anywhere else, can be broken down simply, at least from a real estate perspective. It’s a road known for its quality homes, with dimensions you nod approvingly of when you see them; a location that brings conveniences to your doorstep or recreation and entertainment choices that are even extraordinary. Most of all, they make daily living an easier, more pleasurable experience in our accelerating world. These are our 10 Awesome Streets in Ewa Beach and we’re betting you’ll not only agree, you’ll also find yourself searching through listings on them very, very soon.

Kai Oio Street

Kai Oio Street in Ewa Beach

Kai Oio Street

This street runs within the very desirable Kuapapa at Hoakalei neighborhood, so owning a home here comes with the resort lifestyle that includes access to the Wai Kai Lagoon and the soon to be built $300M complex alongside it that will feature shopping, numerous restaurants and entertainment options, all in walking distance. Oneula Beach sits even closer, almost midway between the lagoon and your home.

Kai Oio St itself lines one of the Hoakalei Country Club fairways, including large water features that add a soothing visual touch to the already engrossing tableau of the golf course’s deep green.

The residences are all large single family homes, two stories with 4 or 5 bedrooms and from 2 to as many as 4 bathrooms, making life much easier for a full household. All of them contained within a generous span of 2K to 3.5K sq ft, so most size families have the room they need.

Kaiokia Street

Kaiokia Street in Ewa Beach

Kaiokia Street

Not far from our first entry, you can walk down Kaiokia St within the Ka Makana neighborhood, another area of the Hoakalei development. This time we find ourselves north of the Wai Kai Lagoon, separated from it and the forthcoming shopping/dining/entertainment complex by a wide fairway that has what could be a small river running through it, making up the view for the fortunate who live on the makai side of the street.

The relatively large size of the fairway acts as a future-proofing buffer, ensuring that the new complex, once built, will be kept out of noise range, should that be a problem. Yet it, the lagoon and Oneula Beach will still all be within a stroll from your welcome mat.

Though this road also offer large single family homes of 3 to 4 bedroom on two floors, there are also townhomes. These condos are substantial themselves, giving you 1200+ sq ft containing 3 bedrooms and dual levels.

Kaileonui Street

Kaileonui Street in Ewa Beach

Kaileonui Street

Purchasing one of these Ewa Beach residences places you right in the central part of Ocean Pointe. This entire development has been in demand consistently. It isn’t hard to see why, Kaileonui St being lined by nice sized single family homes that hold 3 to 5 bedrooms.

You have a range here, however, those houses covering 1300 to almost 3K sq ft, providing possibilities for different needs on this one avenue. The location defines central, with the Ocean Pointe Community Center, Hoakalei’s recreation choices, Puuloa District Park and Ewa Pointe Marketplace being inside, at most, a 10 minute drive or even a trip on foot.

Ewa Beach Elementary & Ilima Intermediate are very close, too, for your keiki. Depending on where you live on Kaileonui, these schools could be walked or biked to and home each day.

Kamakana Street

Kamakana Street in Ewa Beach

Kamakana Street

As the name suggests, we’re returning to Ka Makana at Hoakalei, this time toward the northeastern section of the entire development. Though farther from the makai attractions, your home is also outside the main thoroughfares, which are certain to become more and more busy with the addition of the shopping and dining complex that will adjoin Wai Kai Lagoon.

Another attraction that brings some Ewa Beach homebuyers here specifically are the single floor houses you’ll find here, along with the two-story models that dominate Hoakalei. Retirees often prefer that one level layout, for instance, and you still have around 1250 sq ft to call your own.

The 2 story homes promise 3 or 4 bedrooms that have 1600 – 2000 sq ft inside the different layouts. Regardless of the number of floors, every one of the residences on Kamakana St was built between 2009 and 2017, so you’re getting very recent to almost new structures right off the bat.

Lastly, the generally smaller size, compared to other Hoakalei homes, and outer location makes this a place to find better real estate price points here. You get the same resort lifestyle as everyone else. Just with a better price tag.

Keoneula Boulevard

Keoneula Blvd in Ewa Beach

Keoneula Blvd

The span of Keoneula Boulevard actually falls across both Ocean Pointe and Ka Makana at Hoakalei. It actually bridges the two, going literally right through Hoakalei Country Club, fairways on both sides of the road at one point.

On the Ka Makana side Koneula Boulevard is lined with townhomes, mostly 2 story with some single level end units, claiming 1100 to 1250 sq ft indoors. They sit a few minutes stroll from the Ka Makana Swim Club, with its pool, jacuzzi and tennis courts to enjoy if something calmer than the Wai Kai Lagoon or Oneula Beach is called for.

On the Ocean Pointe side you have both townhomes and single family homes that are smaller than their western counterparts, but also have lower entry points. There’s more variety in home designs, too, but both the condos and single family homes tend to fall between 1000 to 1200 sq ft.

One the east Keoneula Blvd ends right at Puuloa District Park, with Ewa Pointe Marketplace a short drive if you turn right there or Laulani Shopping Center if you turn left. The opposite end puts you right at the site of the coming $300M complex that will bring countless shopping and eating choices to your leisure time. Either direction, you’ve got options – and that’s a nice place to be living in.

Hoomahana Street

Hoomahana Street in Ewa Beach

Hoomahana Street

Hoomahana Street begins at Hoalauna Community Park, running eastward from there, the final stretch of its mauka side houses enjoying a huge undeveloped lot that gives way to the vast agricultural land that only end at Pearl Harbor’s West Loch.

The houses on Hoomahana are part of the Haleakea development in Ewa Gentry, one of our picks for ‘Best Value Oahu Neighborhoods’. Purely single family homes, you can count on 4BRs and 2,135 to 2,332 sq ft of space. Even better, you’re guaranteed fenced front and back yards plus covered lanais, making these great places to raise a family and enjoy time together.

Other built-in benefits include the presence of Hawaii Prince Golf Club one street over on your makai side, heading off any further development nearby. There’s also Laulani Village Shopping Center that is a very short drive away, with Walgreen’s, Safeway, City Mill and much more to take care of daily needs and beyond. One more factor that makes these homes a great value on an awesome street.

Keaunui Drive

Keaunui Drive in Ewa Beach

Keaunui Drive

Keaunui Dr gets top marks immediately, just for the design of these Laulani-Tides homes alone. All 4 of the neighborhood’s models won praise upon their release, with one, called Puna Kea, actually taking the BIA’s 2009 Grand Champion Award for Most Outstanding Home. On this street you’re living in award winning houses.

From your home, which has 3 or 4BRs in 1,050 to 1,921 sq ft, you can step out of your covered entry, past your 2 car garage and walk to neighboring Laulani Village Shopping Center for a bite to eat or a little shopping. Laulani Community Park’s open spaces is almost directly across the street, along with Ewa Makai Middle School just past it. To the east Pu’uloa District Park and Ke’oneula Elementary sitting just blocks away. The school day and pau hana almost completely taken care of within a short stroll.

For those who work, Keanui Drive is bookended by the main arteries of Fort Weaver Rd and Kapolei Parkway, giving you two ways northward to the highway, which is one more than most Ewa Beach residents get. The good news is that once you’re home, you won’t need to get into your car for most anything when you live on Keanui.

Waikapuna Street

Waikapuna Street in Ewa Beach

Waikapuna Street

Residences on Waikapuna Street are a little higher priced than our last entry, selling for just under $1M to just scraping under $1.5M. These are the showcase Ka Makana homes in Hoakalei, forming the curved northeastern corner of the entire district. The backyards border against either wide open lands or the farthest fairway of the Hoakalei Country Club in this direction. Either way, your neighbors that way are both quiet and pleasing to the eye.

Waikapuna homeowners have 2,800 to just over 3,500 sq ft holding 4 or 5 bedrooms within them, with features like chef’s kitchens, Wolf/Subzero appliances, 2 or 3 car garages and as many as 3 lanais to relax on at your leisure. Many are the Koa models that must be seen to be fully appreciated.

In addition to the cushioning of the open landscapes that lie along the backyards of Waikapuna, this street uniquely cul-de-sacs at both ends, keeping outside traffic and noise down to a minimum. The value of these factors will only increase once the vast shopping and dining attraction is completed, bringing new crowd levels to the lagoon area. Luckily, you thought ahead.

Hoowalea Street

Hoowalea Street in Ewa Beach

Hoowalea Street

Hoowalea St forms almost a perfect fishhook shape as it runs through the Woodbridge area of Ewa Gentry. It begins right at Hoalauna Community Park, heading Diamond Head then curving around to end where it meets Hoomahana St.

These homes are known for their spacious layouts of 3 to 5 bedrooms that roam over 1500 to 2700 sq ft inside. The roominess is matched outside, the Ho’owalea houses fronting a wide street running past their often large-sized lawns with palm trees dotting the landscape.

Living on this stretch is a pleasure, giving you the space you’ve always wanted, the yard & lawn you’ve dreamt of having and the neighborhood you’ve always wished for in your search for an Ewa Beach home.

Lukini Place

Lukini Place in Ewa Beach

Lukini Place

The protection of a gated community and a privileged proximity to Coral Creek Golf Course are a solid start to any real estate listing, but there’s more to highlight with Lukini Place houses. Come inside and you’ll find it in your walk-in closet, high ceilings and a master bathtub you can stretch out in and just relax.

These Huelani homes all have 3 bedrooms with 1616 to 1934 sq ft layouts, as well as use of the community’s substantial recreation amenities, including spa, a full fitness center and swimming pool with cabanas for the full lounge experience.

The golf course views and peaceful quiet of this community can be traded in no time for visits to Geiger or Laulani Community Parks, Laulani Village Shopping Center and Ewa Town Center, all within a walk for most. One more recreation option for those who live in Lukini Place, whenever the mood, or the need for takeout, strikes.

More Than 10 Awesome Streets in Ewa Beach
Every one of these Ewa Beach streets provide the building blocks of a place most anyone would want to call home. A good-sized house, solid location and numerous other benefits, though those differ in each. Regardless, even if a listing isn’t available on the street above that catches your eye, remember that it is part of a whole neighborhood and even the whole area of Ewa Beach. There’s a lot more to see in both of those dimensions that can and will fit your needs, satisfying those same desires you felt fulfilled in our 10 Awesome Streets. Count on it.

10 Awesome Streets in Ewa Beach was last modified: November 12th, 2021 by Michelle Johnson

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