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Oahu Lifestyle Articles

Hawaii Kai Sailing Lessons

Who says sailing lessons can’t be done in January? That is exactly what my 7-year old daughter did during her winter break, January 2 to January 6, 2017 in Hawaii Kai. This has been the second time we signed her up for one week outdoor fun in the sun offered by the Hawaii Kai Boat Club. And, she is requesting to do it again! We can’t blame her. In a …Read More

Guide to Fishing in Hawaii: Oahu, Maui, Kauai & Big Island

Fishing in Hawaii is more than a hobby. It’s a deeply rooted part of local culture, a critical source of sustenance from the moment these Islands were first occupied. There are those, especially in the Native Hawaiian community, who still today depend on the ocean for much of their family’s daily food, perpetuating the lifestyle of their ancestors. It’s also an honored way for both locals and visitors to relax, …Read More

37 Best Beaches on Oahu With Map & Stunning Photos

Oahu is the main island in the State of Hawaii with a land surface of just short of 600 square miles – California is 274 times bigger and the Contiguous US is 5,225 larger. Despite its modest size, Oahu is home to several of the most incredible beaches, not just in the US, but in the entire world! I took on the exciting task of exploring all of Oahu’s beaches …Read More

Waikiki Beach: Ultimate Guide to Waikiki’s 9 Beaches

Had the area been left untouched, Waikiki would today be swampland without beautiful beaches, just as it was hundreds of years ago. In 1794 when King Kamehameha’s armies landed in Waikiki, on their way to conquering Oahu, things changed. His victory resulted in Waikiki becoming one of the new Kingdom’s primary royal retreats, not only for Kamehameha, but also his successors on the throne. The beautiful beaches and waters of Waikiki …Read More

Lanikai in Pictures – Beach, Houses & More

Lanikai, home to Lanikai Beach – often voted as one of the best beaches in the US – is a residential neighborhood within the city of Kailua, like nowhere else on Oahu. The exclusive and luxurious Lanikai real estate is solely made up of single family homes and 1 townhouse complex – Bluestone. There are no high-rises, shops, restaurants or anything commercial in Lanikai – just a small group of incredibly charming houses and …Read More

A Day in Diamond Head

Diamond Head is one of the most spectacular neighborhoods on Oahu, boasting incredible pristine white sandy beaches. The houses in Diamond Head are some of the most coveted in Honolulu and they are typically more expensive than those in neighboring Kahala on a land per square footage basis (Kahala is sometimes referred to as the Beverly Hills of Hawaii). The famed Gold Coast – made up of older condos, literally hanging on the ocean’s edge – is …Read More

A Day in Waikiki in 20 Pictures

You may be contemplating visiting Waikiki for a vacation or even investing in a Waikiki condo, but not yet convinced if this is the right place for you. I decided to spend an entire day in Waikiki (7.15am – 8pm on Jan 26, 2015) to help everyone with an interest in Waikiki get a sense for what Waikiki is all about. Instead of describing my experience in words, I will let 20 pictures do …Read More

Ideas on Where to Stay in Honolulu

There’s all sorts of travelers, tourists, backpackers, and the like that travel to Honolulu. Depending on your specific style, there’s a wide range of places to stay and ways to vacate while in and around Honolulu. The vast majority of hotels on oahu are located in Waikiki, however two other areas with a concentration of resorts are Turtle Bay Resort on the North shore and Ko Olina Resort with Ihilani …Read More

Best Beaches in Honolulu

Oahu is a place of endless summers. One of it’s most prized marvels is its’ 112 miles of coastline beaches extending from coast to coast. These beaches have a wide range of activities such as surfing, snorkeling, wind surfing, kite boarding, boogie boarding, stand up paddle surfing, and much more. Water temperatures on the island range from a comfortable 75 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit all year round. Oahu as …Read More

10 Best Golf Courses on Oahu

If hitting the links is in your agenda while you’re in Hawaii, the Honolulu areas wide variety of scenic golf courses will absolutely be up to par. There are more than 40 public and private top golf courses on the island of Oahu. Some of these courses are top of the line luxury courses for the avid golfers seeking out a challenge and others can be accessible for the more …Read More