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Oahu Luxury Real Estate Articles

9 Most Expensive Luxury Homes Sold in Honolulu

Everyone knows that Honolulu real estate is some of the priciest in the US. That fact makes you wonder what is the ceiling in a market like this – and what do you get for it? Wonder no more. We’ve assembled the 9 most expensive home sales in Honolulu over the past 5 years, collecting the kinds of properties that even the super-rich would find enticing. If you’ve ever wondered …Read More

8 Stunning (Unknown) Oahu Neighborhoods

Discussions of the most exciting, most expensive or the ‘Best’ neighborhoods in Oahu real estate will inevitably turn to the current mainstays like Kakaako, Kahala or Ko Olina. For those who know the Island intimately, though, those marquee names are just the start, not the entirety, of that conversation. The fact is that there are communities across Oahu that possess something wonderfully special, something stunning, that has escaped notice somehow. …Read More

Honolulu’s 11 Most Expensive Single-Family Homes Neighborhoods

What is the Most Expensive Neighborhood in Honolulu? Real estate watchers will give you different answers, yet each one will be absolutely certain they’ve got the answer. You’re guaranteed to her names like Kahala, Black Point, Diamond Head. They can’t all be right, can they? The problem is that the world of Honolulu homes is a much more complex place than that of the average Mainland city. Here, you’ll find …Read More

Honolulu’s 8 Luxury & Ultra-Luxury Condos

The world of Honolulu condos has a number of properties in it that could be, and are, called ‘luxury’. They’re known for incredible views, for excellent amenities and for impressive floor plans. The reality is that they’re only ‘luxury’ in the general sense. What you’ll find here, though, is Luxury with a capital ‘L’, as well as a class even above that. Properties that are so extraordinary they achieve new …Read More

Trump Tower Waikiki #1215 (sold – previously for sale)

We just listed for sale Trump Tower Waikiki #1215, a preferred 1-bdr + Den, 2-bath condotel (condo / hotel). This brief video shows the interior and the ocean view from the lanai. Trump Tower Waikiki is considered the finest luxury condotel in Waikiki.  Learn more about all Waikiki condotels. Also check out some of the Trump Tower Waikiki amenities on the lobby level, including pool and ocean views beyond Fort Derussy Park.. See all Trump …Read More

8 Reasons The Watermark is Waikiki’s Premier Luxury Condo

The Watermark condo project was completed summer 2008 on the edge of Waikiki. It is one of only a handful of new condo projects that was added to Waikiki’s skyline during the past two decades. We think it is also the very finest. What makes one condo better than another may depend on personal taste and preference. There could be many different factors to consider.  See if you agree with our …Read More