6 Niu Beach & Peninsula Homes for Sale

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5799 Kalanianaole Highway
$2,790,000 - Sunday Open House 4 Bd | 3 Ba | 2,266 sf
Land: 10,060 sf
Sunday Open House
96 Niuiki Circle
96 Niuiki Circle
$4,688,000 4 Bd | 4 Ba | 3,783 sf
Land: 13,500 sf
5783 Kalanianaole Highway
$2,190,000 5 Bd | 5 Ba | 5,198 sf
Land: 12,312 sf
Ocean view
5599 Kalanianaole Highway
$5,595,000 5 Bd | 5.5 Ba | 5,463 sf
Land: 15,136 sf
1 Puuikena Drive
$8,000,000 4 Bd | 4.5 Ba | 4,835 sf
Land: 15,938 sf
5589 Kalanianaole Highway
$4,500,000 - Sunday Open House 5 Bd | 3.5 Ba | 3,538 sf
Land: 12,110 sf
Sunday Open House
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Niu Beach is a small luxury beachfront neighborhood of about 100 homes on the oceanside of Kalanianaole Hwy bordered by Paiko Lagoon to the east and Aina Haina Beach to the west. Most Niu Beach & Peninsula homes for sale are valued in the $1M to $5M range with typical lot sizes between 8,000 to 15,000 sq ft. 

Insight to Niu Beach Homes & Neighborhood
Some of the early homes dating back to the 1920’s were simple fishing cabins along the calm and shallow ocean waters that are protected by an outer reef. Big changes took place around 1950 when parts of an old fishpond were filled-in to create the new man made Niu Peninsula. Dynamite was allegedly used to carve a deep water channel out of the shallow reef around this newly created Honolulu real estate consisting of one street only, Niuiki Circle. The Army Corps of Engineers built the perimeter seawall creating what is today a gorgeous little ocean lovers community.

Approximately half of all Niu Beach homes are located within this Niu Peninsula. About 20 of these properties are located on the ocean, which are the most desirable homes in Niu Beach & Peninsula, as they offer a rare unique combination of great ocean views, generous lot sizes, privacy, a protective seawall and a deepwater channel to moor your boat behind your backyard.

It’s all yours: boat, kayak, fish or surf the outer reef.

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  • Niu Beach Houses - Trends & Statistics

  • The price range of houses for sale in Niu Beach is $2.19M to $8M with a median price of $4.59M, median interior of 4,309sf and median land size of 12,906sf.
  • The historic median sales price of houses sold in Niu Beach was $2.2M (2016), $3.42M (2015), $2.4M (2014), $4.05M (2013), $1.85M (2012), $2.4M (2011), $1.84M (2010), $2.65M (2009), $2.45M (2008), $2.55M (2007), $2.9M (2006), $1.95M (2005), $2.4M (2004), $1.9M (2003).
  • 0 houses have sold in Niu Beach year-to-date (Jan - Jul 21, 2017). In previous years, the total number of houses sold were 3 (2016), 2 (2015), 5 (2014), 2 (2013), 5 (2012), 4 (2011), 5 (2010), 3 (2009), 2 (2008), 2 (2007), 4 (2006), 10 (2005), 6 (2004), 9 (2003).
  • Historically, the average number of days it took to sell houses in Niu Beach was 116 days (2016), 91 days (2015), 74 days (2014), 103 days (2013), 194 days (2012), 126 days (2011), 93 days (2010), 183 days (2009), 50 days (2008), 78 days (2007), 39 days (2006), 75 days (2005), 56 days (2004), 160 days (2003).
  • The total dollar volume of houses currently for sale in Niu Beach is $27.76M . The sold dollar volume in previous years was $7.14M (2016), $6.84M (2015), $12.29M (2014), $8.1M (2013), $11.58M (2012), $11.53M (2011), $8.75M (2010), $9M (2009), $4.9M (2008), $5.1M (2007), $10.9M (2006), $20.42M (2005), $13.72M (2004), $15.42M (2003).
  • The most recent sale in Niu Beach was a house located at 119 Niuiki Circle, sold for $2.2M on May 20, 2016. It had 2923sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: 5581 Kalanianaole Highway (3,216sf) sold for $2.96M on 4/22/2016. 5517 Kalanianaole Highway (3,639sf) sold for $1.98M on 4/22/2016. 5589 Kalanianaole Highway (3,538sf) sold for $3.34M on 7/31/2015. 48 Niuiki Circle (2,019sf) sold for $3.5M on 5/20/2015. 5699 Kalanianaole Highway (468sf) sold for $2.95M on 10/29/2014. 68 Niuiki Circle (2,528sf) sold for $3.86M on 10/13/2014. 16 Niuiki Circle (4,563sf) sold for $2.4M on 10/3/2014. 45 Niuiki Circle (2,986sf) sold for $2.1M on 7/25/2014. 5731 Kalanianaole Highway (2,395sf) sold for $965K on 1/3/2014.
  • 6 of the houses have ocean views, 2 have Diamond Head views and 4 have mountain views.
Niu Beach History
Niu Beach real estate, like much of the surrounding land, was part of the grant by King Kamehameha to Scotsman Alexander Adams. This was a recognition of his service Hawaii as head of its Navy. It was clear that Kamehameha was showing special favor to Adams because the king himself had a summer home here next to the ocean.

This grant gave Adams control not only over the lands, but also the fishing rights in the waters immediately off of them. This was extremely important for areas like the Niu district, because of the fishponds built by the Native Hawaiians to provide a steady food source.

One of the largest on this side of Oahu, Kupapa fishpond, sat in this place, extending out into the ocean. It was walled in on 3 sides with the 4th marked by the shore. For hundreds of years it was tended and cultivated, well into the 1st half of the 20th Century. With modernization and new sources of food available, and affordable, the fishpond's importance declined.

In the 1950's Adams' descendants decided to fill in the pond, using Hawaiian Dredging to do the job. Some small scale agriculture was briefly done on the newly created soil, but the intention was always to develop it for residential purposes.

Niu Beach homes were not long in coming. It's not difficult to understand why Kamehameha the Great came here himself to unwind and relax. Simply said, own a Niu Beach home and you'll live in a place fit for a king. Literally.