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Address: 1619 Kamamalu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96813.

About Alea Hale
Aleo Hale is made for the person who works downtown and wants to finally have that short commute. Yet it also is right for those want to be, or feel, not too close to that urban center when they do go home at the end of the day. That's what you'll find in this building that sits beside the western slopes of Punchbowl.

The higher ground it occupies on this part of Honolulu, mauka of the highway, makes for better views. You can see the Downtown & Chinatown cityscape, most significantly our beautiful Capitol and the historic buildings around it. If you're up high enough you can see even further to the ocean that frames our Island so wonderfully.

The condos come in 4 floor plans – Studio/1BA (503 sq ft), 1BR/1BA (620 sq ft), 2BR/1BA (801 sq ft) and 3BR/1BA (863 sq ft). Along with those interiors you can add the lanai space you have, spanning from 64 to 89 sq ft on the outside of your unit.

When you do have to go out, you're in a convenient place to do so. Walking to your job Downtown is easily done. The highway is right there, too, if a car trip is needed. Queen's Hospital, Royal Elementary School, Kamamalu Playground, the YMCA, everything is around you, just a stroll away.

That's the Aleo Hale, a combination of solid practical benefits you'll on a daily basis with the expansive Honolulu views that are anything but every day. You're sure to love every side of these condos.

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  • Aleo Hale Condos - Trends & Statistics

  • The historic median sales price of condos sold in Aleo Hale was $335K (2016), $375K (2015), $250K (2014), $305K (2013), $258K (2009), $260K (2008), $202K (2005), $193K (2004), $150K (2003).
  • 0 condos have sold in Aleo Hale year-to-date (Jan - Aug 21, 2017). In previous years, the total number of condos sold were 3 (2016), 2 (2015), 1 (2014), 3 (2013), 2 (2009), 3 (2008), 2 (2005), 3 (2004), 2 (2003).
  • Historically, the average number of days it took to sell condos in Aleo Hale was 50 days (2016), 62 days (2015), 125 days (2014), 75 days (2013), 19 days (2009), 51 days (2008), 39 days (2005), 22 days (2004), 11 days (2003).
  • The dollar volume of condos sold in Aleo Hale was $1M (2016), $750K (2015), $250K (2014), $915K (2013), $517K (2009), $780K (2008), $405K (2005), $613K (2004), $300K (2003)
  • The most recent sale in Aleo Hale was a condo located at #209 , sold for $335K on Nov 14, 2016. It had 620sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: #208 (620sf) sold for $340K on 10/5/2016. #405 (620sf) sold for $325K on 5/26/2016. #402 (863sf) sold for $410K on 9/15/2015. #111 (801sf) sold for $340K on 6/3/2015. #103 (503sf) sold for $250K on 5/14/2014. #109 (620sf) sold for $305K on 6/18/2013. #311 (801sf) sold for $315K on 4/12/2013. #105 (620sf) sold for $295K on 2/8/2013. #203 (503sf) sold for $212K on 11/18/2009.