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Hokua #29E
$3,080,000 2 Bd / 2 Ba / 1,531 sf

Breathtaking Diamond Head and oc...

Hokua #28A
$3,298,000 3 Bd / 2.5 Ba / 2,325 sf

Corner unit with 3 bedroom and 2...

Hokua #39L
$4,599,000 3 Bd / 2.5 Ba / 2,222 sf

Breathtaking ocean views, Diamon...

Hokua #8A
$2,400,000 3 Bd / 2.5 Ba / 2,325 sf

Breathtaking ocean view! Desirab...

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Hokua #29A
$3,188,000 3 Bd / 2.5 Ba / 2,325 sf

View this high floor "A flo...

Hokua #12E & F
$6,680,000 4 Bd / 3 Ba / 3,063 sf
Hokua #18A
$2,850,000 3 Bd / 2.5 Ba / 2,325 sf

Great location and beautiful oce...

Hokua #4B
$1,995,000 2 Bd / 2 Ba / 1,785 sf

Reside at Hokua, Honolulu’...

Hokua #27D
$4,199,000 2 Bd / 2 Ba / 1,981 sf

Incredible, sweeping Ocean Views...

Hokua #25F
$2,498,000 2 Bd / 2 Ba / 1,532 sf

Live Hawaii Luxury Life in Hokua...

Hokua #27F
$2,849,000 2 Bd / 2 Ba / 1,532 sf

Live in the best located Ocean F...

Hokua #6G
$2,348,000 2 Bd / 2 Ba / 1,620 sf

Honolulu's most desirable luxury...

Hokua #23C
$2,100,000 2 Bd / 2 Ba / 1,524 sf

Fabulous luxury living at Hokua....

Hokua #34F
$2,950,000 1 Bd / 2 Ba / 1,532 sf

Spectacular Diamond Head ,Ocean,...

Hokua #36J
$7,900,000 3 Bd / 3.5 Ba / 3,056 sf

Penthouse Living in Paradise as ...

  • Address: 1288 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814.
  • Built in 2006, 40 Floors with 247 Units, 2 - 4BR Floor plans, Pets: OK (verify).
  • Numerous Amenities including Concierge, Swimming Pool, Sauna, Tennis Courts, BBQ Area with Cabanas, Guest Suites & more.
  • The Hokua is not only pet-friendly, it even has its own dog park!
  • Developed in a joint venture between 3 local highly renowed companies: MacNaughton Group, Kobayashi Group and A&B Properties. Built on ~ 3.6 acres of land.

See this brief video of Hokua, which shows the building's close proximity to Ala Moana Beach Park and Ward Village's new condo developments.

Hokua Floor Plans

Download floorplan:A B C D E F G

Good to Know About Hokua
Hokua is the first true luxury condo in Honolulu. When sales commenced late 2003, many questioned if there was a need for such level of luxury, coming with a hefty price tag (cosidering year 2003 price levels). The need was there, and 95% of the units were sold before sales commenced. By the time of Hokua's completion - January 2006 - all units were sold and resale prices year 2006 were in many cases close to tripple what original buyers had paid! 

This is a very special luxury condo, especially due to the incredible ocean views from almost every unit in the building. The building is very wide - running parallel to the ocean - with many units having living and bedrooms facing the ocean in a floor to ceiling glass window setting.

Until recently, Hokua was considered the number 1 luxury condo in Honolulu. Some argue it remains the number 1 condo, despite the completion of luxury One Ala Moana. Indisputably, the to-be-built ultra-luxury condos of Waiea, Park Lane and Gateway Towers will take the meaning of luxury condo living in Honolulu to new heights.  

Hokua was built before much stricter building guidelines were proposed by the Hawaii Community Development Authority - calling for protected view channels / corridors -  which allows most condo units in Hokua to have very expansive ocean views. Especially the centrally located “D” stack units offer a sweeping 180 degree ocean views, including Diamond Head and Waikiki skyline. 

With all the new condo developments in Kakaako, considering how the ocean views may change is an important aspect to consider. Luckily, the way Hokua is positioned, the vast majority of the units have no or minimal future view risk. 

The building has a serviced elevator to be used by handymen, contractors and anyone else carrying equipment, materials etc. Hokua has a strict policy in place, not allowing work related items to be carried through the regular elevators, ensuring the utmost comfortable and pleasant lifestyle for its residents. Owners who are away from Honolulu, but needs work completed in their unit, can arrange for Hokua's staff to let workers in. Overall, the service offered by the Resident Manager, Duane Komine, and his team is second to none.

Arguably the best location in Kakaako, Hokua is just a short stroll away from Ala Moana Shopping Center, yet the location feels very private without the heavy foot traffic nearby. Conveniently, on the 1F, set away from the residence entrance there are 2 casual, but quality, restaurants.

Amenities are top of the line and the BBQ stations are spread out strategically to create utmost privacy, each sitting under a large covered cabana, making it possible to enjoy a barbeque, even on a (rare) rainy day as well.

Storage isn’t always easy to come by in a Honolulu condo, but each Hokua condo has at least 1 storage unit, which is large and usable, located by the parking stalls. 

Hokua has for a minimum 90 day rental policy in place (verify), reducing vacationer type traffic and keeping a very homey feel (many newer luxury condos has a 30 day minimum rental policy).

On the mountain side of the buiding's 1st floor - far away from the residential lobby - there are 2 casual restaurants: Panya and Tango Cafe.

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  • Hokua At 1288 Ala Moana Condos - Trends & Statistics

  • The price range of condos for sale in Hokua At 1288 Ala Moana is $1.99M to $7.9M with a median price of $2.85M and median interior of 1,785sf.
  • The median price of condos sold in Hokua At 1288 Ala Moana year-to-date (Jan - May 23, 2017) is $2.65M. In previous years it was $2.65M (2016), $2.31M (2015), $2.35M (2014), $2.14M (2013), $2.27M (2012), $1.92M (2011), $1.97M (2010), $1.8M (2009), $1.82M (2008), $2.04M (2007), $1.01M (2006).
  • 8 condos have sold in Hokua At 1288 Ala Moana year-to-date (Jan - May 23, 2017). In previous years, the total number of condos sold were 11 (2016), 10 (2015), 20 (2014), 8 (2013), 14 (2012), 19 (2011), 18 (2010), 17 (2009), 11 (2008), 24 (2007), 223 (2006).
  • On average Hokua At 1288 Ala Moana condos were on the market for 115 days before they were sold (Jan - May 23, 2017). In previous years it was 140 days (2016), 137 days (2015), 112 days (2014), 127 days (2013), 32 days (2012), 85 days (2011), 82 days (2010), 147 days (2009), 107 days (2008), 76 days (2007), 11 days (2006).
  • The average days on market for Hokua At 1288 Ala Moana condos before sold was 156 days April 2017 compared to 200 days April 2016.
  • The ratio of Hokua At 1288 Ala Moana condos sales price vs list price was 93.5% April 2017 compared to 90.5% April 2016.
  • 3 Hokua At 1288 Ala Moana condos were sold April 2017 compared to 1 condo sold April 2016.
  • The total dollar volume of condos currently for sale in Hokua At 1288 Ala Moana is $57.63M and the sold dollar volume year-to-date (Jan - May 23, 2017) is $21.65M. In previous years sold dollar volume was $32.06M (2016), $25.3M (2015), $50.79M (2014), $18.03M (2013), $37.03M (2012), $42.83M (2011), $38.43M (2010), $32.68M (2009), $27.51M (2008), $56.38M (2007), $278.13M (2006).
  • The most recent sale in Hokua At 1288 Ala Moana was a condo located at #5D , sold for $3.12M on Apr 24, 2017. It had 1981sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: #18G (1,620sf) sold for $2.05M on 4/18/2017. #9E (1,531sf) sold for $2.26M on 4/12/2017. #15A (2,325sf) sold for $2.98M on 3/24/2017. #33A (2,325sf) sold for $2.9M on 2/16/2017. #4A (2,325sf) sold for $2.4M on 2/9/2017. #26D (1,981sf) sold for $3.94M on 2/9/2017. #20C (1,524sf) sold for $1.99M on 2/6/2017. #19F (1,532sf) sold for $2.23M on 12/9/2016. #32G (1,620sf) sold for $2.65M on 10/7/2016.
  • In Hokua At 1288 Ala Moana there is currently 17 fee simple units for sale. 16 of the condos have ocean views, 7 have Diamond Head views and 4 have mountain views.
  • There are 1 x 1 bedroom floor plan, 9 x 2 bedroom floor plans, 6 x 3 bedroom floor plans and 1 x 4 bedroom floor plan.
Hokua Condo Floor Plans
There are 7 units on floors 4 - 35 (stack A - G), 5 penthouse units on floors 36 - 39 (H - L) and on the 40F just 3 ultimate penthouse residences, each boasting over 4,000 sqf. There are 5 commercial units on the 1st floor.

Hokua Condos Floors 4 - 35
A: 2,325 sqf, 3BR. The largest floor plan, located on most western part of building. Bedrooms are on mountain side. Stunning southwest facing ocean views from floor 14 and up (below some view issues due to IBM bldg). Layout makes it feel like a real home.
B: 1,785 sqf, 2 BR. Stunning southwest facing ocean views from living & both bedrooms, which are adjacent to each other.
C: 1,524 sqf, 2BR. Incredbile southwest facing ocean views from living & both bedrooms, which are seperated on each side of the living room.
D: 1,981 sqf, 2BR. Amazing ocean & Diamond Head views and one of the most amazing condo unit ever created in Honolulu. Very wide ocean views from living room spanning from southwest to southeast. One bedroom on each side of the living room.
E: 1,531 sqf, 2BR. Incredible southeast facing ocean & Diamond Head views. One bedroom on each side of living room.
F: 1,532 sqf, 2BR. Great southeast facing ocean & Diamond Head views. Both bedrooms on west side of unit, with great ocean views.
G: 1,620 sqf, 2BR. Great southeast ocean views, but on the eastern side of unit looking in to Nauru Tower. Both bedrooms are on the mountain side of unit.

Hokua Condos Floors 36 - 39
H: 2,343 sqf, 3BR. Almost identical layout to "A" stack and like "A" located on most western part of building.
I: 2314 sqf, 3BR. Bedrooms and living have great southwest ocean views. Bedrooms adjacent to each other.
J: 3,056 sqf, 3BR. Incredible wide ocean views from all rooms. Living room's ocean views spans from southwest to southeast with stunning Diamond Head and Waikiki skyline views as well.
K: 2,574 sqf, 3BR. Stunning ocean and Diamond Head views from living and all bedrooms.
L: 2,222 sqf, 3BR. Nice ocean view from living room. The unit is on the most eastern part of building and on the side is looking in to neighboring Nauru Tower. Bedrooms on mountain side.

Hokua Condos Floor 40
PH-A: 4,415 sqf, 4BR. Western wing of building.
PH-B: 4,164 sqf, 4BR. Central part of building and the ultimate unit in Hokua.
PH-C: 4,422 sqf, 4BR. Eastern part of building.

More About Hokua
Living in the Hokua condos is like staying in a 5 Star resort. From sweeping ocean & Diamond Head views to the concierge service and an infinity pool, with its own outlook on the Pacific, it's a first-class experience. That extends inside as well.

You're surrounded by floor to ceiling windows – 9 feet tall - that bring sunlight and the world-class scenery right into your home. The designers also dispensed with lanais, instead allowing you to open up the sliding glass 'walls' so your whole living space becomes open-air at will.

Your condo in the Hokua is also exceptionally large, ranging from 1,524sq ft to over 4,000 in the 3 Alii penthouse residences on the top 40th floor. All plans give you the perks of walk-in closets, large, roomy bathrooms that give you the feeling of a spa and kitchens with the finest in modern conveniences.

Have friends eager to visit you in Hawaii? Your visitors can revel in the building's luxury while staying in one of the guest suites, keeping them close by without cramping your own style. Busy businessperson? The Hokua has a Business Center, where you can hold meetings or conferences whenever needed. Take an elevator to your appointment. No traffic to fight on your way.

Many believe living in a luxury Hokua condo just might be the peak in condo living on in Honolulu. As you're watching another incredible sunset over the blue waves from your grand perch, you'll probably agree.