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About Seashore Waikiki
The Seashore is very close to being an accurate name for this Waikiki condominium. Living here, you're within half a block from the ocean right off of Waikiki beach. That makes the commute to the sands as quick as a minute, only taking more if you have to wait long for the Walk signal across Kalakaua Avenue.

This is a crucial part of this building's success as a condotel property, giving it a selling point that most others cannot match. One thing to know, though, is that there aren't hotel services at the Seashore, so there can be more upkeep and service duties for the owner at times.

The 45 units are mostly Studio/1BA layouts with either 267 or 269 sq ft of interior. Otherwise there are 9 1BR/2BA residences with 467 sq ft and a single 2BR/2BA that has 867 sq ft inside it.

Your Studio also has a lanai space of 67 sq ft, the 1BR units doubling that to 134 sq ft. From there you can gaze upon the always energetic city life around you and even out to the ocean just yards from where you stand. That includes the sunsets over the waters that everyone pauses to watch each evening.

After spending time on that beach, you always have the alluring stores and restaurants that have made Waikiki a showplace beyond its already magnetic tropical charms.

Despite being a condotel, a higher percentage of owners live in their Seashore units than normally do in these properties. Then again, with these kinds of benefits, you can see why they'd decide to have them all to themselves.

Other condos in Waikiki that allow short-term vacation rentals in a similar price point include: Aloha Surf Hotel, Palms at Waikiki, Bamboo and Island Colony. See our comphrehensive guide to Waikiki condotels.
  • Seashore Condos - Trends & Statistics

  • The historic median sales price of condos sold in Seashore was $323K (2016), $196K (2015), $181K (2014), $121K (2013), $118K (2012), $120K (2011), $150K (2010), $130K (2009), $206K (2007), $175K (2006), $195K (2005), $116K (2004), $105K (2003).
  • 0 condos have sold in Seashore year-to-date (Jan - Jun 29, 2017). In previous years, the total number of condos sold were 3 (2016), 2 (2015), 6 (2014), 1 (2013), 3 (2012), 1 (2011), 1 (2010), 1 (2009), 3 (2007), 9 (2006), 3 (2005), 4 (2004), 5 (2003).
  • Historically, the average number of days it took to sell condos in Seashore was 47 days (2016), 199 days (2015), 87 days (2014), 165 days (2013), 260 days (2012), 7 days (2011), 10 days (2010), 25 days (2009), 87 days (2007), 63 days (2006), 65 days (2005), 64 days (2004), 104 days (2003).
  • The dollar volume of condos sold in Seashore was $953K (2016), $392K (2015), $985K (2014), $121K (2013), $382K (2012), $120K (2011), $150K (2010), $130K (2009), $701K (2007), $1.66M (2006), $785K (2005), $458K (2004), $636K (2003)
  • The most recent sale in Seashore was a condo located at #101 , sold for $255K on Dec 12, 2016. It had 267sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: #86/86a (467sf) sold for $375K on 3/21/2016. #36 & 36A (467sf) sold for $323K on 3/3/2016. #31 (267sf) sold for $162K on 2/13/2015. #95 (267sf) sold for $230K on 1/21/2015. #36 (467sf) sold for $200K on 11/18/2014. #64 (267sf) sold for $182K on 11/3/2014. #45 (267sf) sold for $78K on 10/21/2014. #94 (267sf) sold for $180K on 3/31/2014. #64 (269sf) sold for $146K on 2/10/2014.