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47-251 Ahaolelo Road
$1,700,000 2 Bd / 2.5 Ba / 2,200 sf

Gorgeous One-Of-A-Kind Kaneohe C...

Sunday Open House
48-477A Kamehameha Highway
$575,000 3 Bd / 2 Ba / 1,072 sf

Lovely single family (CPR) home ...

47-544 Hakuhale Street
$1,950,000 11 Bd / 8.5 Ba / 7,659 sf


Sunday Open House
47-745A Kamehameha Highway
$1,652,000 3 Bd / 3 Ba / 2,084 sf

Dreams come true when you step o...

Sunday Open House
47-384 Keohapa Place
$790,000 3 Bd / 2 Ba / 1,224 sf

Charming three bedroom, two bath...

47-669 Melekula Road
$575,000 3 Bd / 1.5 Ba / 836 sf

No further showings at this time...

47-555 Nenehiwa Place
$799,000 3 Bd / 1.5 Ba / 1,416 sf

Tropical country living and brea...

47-285 Waihee Road
$1,150,000 4 Bd / 3.5 Ba / 2,508 sf

One of 3 custom new homes to be ...

47-285 Waihee Road
$750,000 3 Bd / 1.5 Ba / 1,335 sf

No more showings as of May 1. I ...

47-660 Halemanu Street
$1,025,000 4 Bd / 3 Ba / 2,046 sf

If its peace and quiet your look...

47-282 Ahuimanu Road
$739,500 7 Bd / 4 Ba / 1,904 sf

One of a kind property! 3 struct...

47-544 Melekula Road
$695,000 3 Bd / 2 Ba / 850 sf

Experience the tropical setting ...

47-745 Kamehameha Highway
$1,365,000 5 Bd / 3 Ba / 2,336 sf

Built in 2001, this multi-genera...

49-545A Kamehameha Highway
$990,000 2 Bd / 2 Ba / 1,320 sf

One of a kind country beach hous...

47-430 Hui Nene Street
$899,000 5 Bd / 3 Ba / 2,647 sf

Large multi-generational home in...

See our aerial video of Temple Valley homes and another video of Ahuimanu homes.

Ahuimanu and Temple Valley are almost an afterthought often when people talk about the neighborhoods in Kaneohe. It's understandable. To get here from the central part of the town, you drive north on a stretch of Kahekili Highway that's nothing but untouched green hills almost the entire way. It almost feels like you're coming into a completely different town when you reach the valley.

The residents are off on your own here, in a sense, protected by the deep green valley walls that encircle them. That soothing natural coloring surrounds you below as well, carpeting the land in shades that the earth alone could paint.

The residents like it this way – quiet, removed and full of nature's beauty. It's why they were drawn here and why they remain. It's not a pure bedroom community, though.

Residents don't have to make the trek into town for most essentials due to the presence of the Temple Valley Shopping Center. Times Supermarket, a variety of eateries, a movie theater and even a DMV are all here.

That mall is also in the central area of the Temple Valley neighborhood. Smaller than Ahuimanu, it begins the moment you enter the valley from the south on Kahekili Highway.

The first homes of Temple Valley take up the entire right side of the road, next to and near the shopping center. You don't reach this neighborhood's far end until the natural border of Ahuimanu Stream, while the southeast limits are right around the Byodo-in Temple.

Temple Valley is almost exclusively townhome and condo communities. All were built in the 1960's an 70's to provide for that era's surging housing demand. 4 communities make up the majority of these residences:

Tropicana Village Haiku – Built in 1971, with 108 townhomes of 1BR/1BA (884 sq ft) and   3BR/2BA (1,000 or 1,040 sq ft) and 3BR/2.5BA (1,290 sq ft).

Hokuloa – 362 townhomes built in 1973, made up of 43 different floor plans of 2BR
(1,000 sq ft to 1,330 sq ft), 3BR (1,216 to 1,770 sq ft) and 4BR (1,438 to 1,795 sq ft).

Ahuimanu Gardens - Opened in 1972, the 118 units are made up of 2BR/1BA (832 sq ft)
and 3BR/1BA (988 sq ft) layouts.

Club View Gardens – Built in 2 phases in 1974 (125 units) and 1976 (100 units), both 
townhome communities feature the same size residences – 2BR/1 or 1.5BA (both 922
sq ft), 3BR/2BA (1,200 to 1,489 sq ft) and 4BR/2BA (1,555 sq ft).

Ahuimanu is the bigger sister here in the valley, taking up about 2/3 of the area mainly on the northern side. It's a community made up solely of single family homes, distinguishing it from its neighbor. However, it has the same green spaces, retaining a lush environment fed by the frequent rain.

The houses come from every decade stretching back to the 1930's, probably the first time modern housing was built here. There tends to be a fairly equal distribution of structures from across the years, so vintage lovers as well as those looking for something more recent will both have a good chance of striking gold.

Ahuimanu contains 2 communities that are differentiated with their own names, Ahuimanu Hills and Ahuimanu Knolls. Ahuimanu Hills is a collection of homes on the mountain slopes that are roughly south of the Byodo-in Temple.

Mostly erected in the 1980's, some were added later as the neighborhood expanded its reach. From their higher lots they look out upon the valley, the view getting better as you go higher up.

Ahuimanu Knolls sits in a similar position on the next ridge to the west. Certain homes are so high up that they can gaze east past the valley wall to the ocean. These lots were primarily built a decade later than its neighbor, in the 1990's.

Like many single-family homes neighborhoods on Oahu, Ahuimanu homes take up 1,000 to 2,000 sq ft inside most, but there is a distinguishing factor here. That is the presence of larger homes of near 3,000 to over 4,000 sq ft that date to the 1950's through to the 70's, unusual in a non-luxury neighborhood.

That same pattern is apparent in the lots. The more typical 5,000 to 8,000 sq ft range is found on many properties, but there's also an unusually large number with over 10,000 sq ft. In fact, some take that up to over 40,000 sq ft on up to an entire acre. The district's beginnings as the Country part of Kaneohe are certainly much of the reason for this.

That Country feel isn't as prevalent due to the growth of this neighborhood and Temple Valley, but the 2 communities have held firmly onto their rural feel. The low-rise profile, the greenery that prevails year-round and that separation from the rest of Kaneohe has preserved a certain tranquility. Come into the valley and you'll feel it, too. Trust us, it feels pretty good.

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  • Ahuimanu / Temple Valley Houses - Trends & Statistics

  • The price range of houses for sale in Ahuimanu / Temple Valley is $329K to $2M with a median price of $1.02M, median interior of 2,064sf and median land size of 10,014sf.
  • The median price of houses sold in Ahuimanu / Temple Valley year-to-date (Jan - May 27, 2017) is $775K. In previous years it was $791K (2016), $719K (2015), $722K (2014), $627K (2013), $598K (2012), $570K (2011), $616K (2010), $592K (2009), $640K (2008), $660K (2007), $699K (2006), $638K (2005), $489K (2004), $435K (2003).
  • 17 houses have sold in Ahuimanu / Temple Valley year-to-date (Jan - May 27, 2017). In previous years, the total number of houses sold were 47 (2016), 61 (2015), 60 (2014), 48 (2013), 38 (2012), 41 (2011), 49 (2010), 34 (2009), 37 (2008), 50 (2007), 59 (2006), 82 (2005), 83 (2004), 91 (2003).
  • On average Ahuimanu / Temple Valley houses were on the market for 39 days before they were sold (Jan - May 27, 2017). In previous years it was 90 days (2016), 113 days (2015), 85 days (2014), 75 days (2013), 71 days (2012), 57 days (2011), 62 days (2010), 110 days (2009), 83 days (2008), 80 days (2007), 81 days (2006), 45 days (2005), 46 days (2004), 63 days (2003).
  • The average days on market for Ahuimanu / Temple Valley houses before sold were 28 days April 2017 compared to 61 days April 2016.
  • The ratio of Ahuimanu / Temple Valley houses sales price vs list price were 96.9% April 2017 compared to 102.3% April 2016.
  • 3 Ahuimanu / Temple Valley houses were sold April 2017 compared to 2 houses sold April 2016.
  • The total dollar volume of houses currently for sale in Ahuimanu / Temple Valley is $27.44M and the sold dollar volume year-to-date (Jan - May 27, 2017) is $13.37M. In previous years sold dollar volume was $38M (2016), $45.69M (2015), $46.52M (2014), $32.86M (2013), $23.27M (2012), $26.11M (2011), $33.09M (2010), $25.5M (2009), $25.45M (2008), $38.05M (2007), $45.58M (2006), $57.51M (2005), $46.48M (2004), $42.45M (2003).
  • The most recent sale in Ahuimanu / Temple Valley was a house located at 47-006 Okana Road, sold for $739K on May 11, 2017. It had 1212sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: 47-509 Apau Loop (1,619sf) sold for $782K on 5/5/2017. 47-452 Apau Place (1,440sf) sold for $699K on 5/3/2017. 47-680 Kamehameha Highway (1,924sf) sold for $775K on 5/2/2017. 47-041 Okana Road (1,470sf) sold for $867K on 4/26/2017. 47-421 Ahuimanu Place (1,915sf) sold for $799K on 4/19/2017. 47-637 Melekula Road (2,055sf) sold for $740K on 4/11/2017. 47-571 Ahuimanu Road (2,604sf) sold for $957K on 3/31/2017. 47-722E Ahuimanu Loop (1,896sf) sold for $860K on 3/14/2017. 47-665 Melekula Road (1,596sf) sold for $721K on 3/14/2017.
  • 9 of the houses have ocean views and 24 have mountain views.