3 Paalaa Kai Homes for Sale

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66-882 Alena Loop
66-882 Alena Loop
$749,000 5 Bd | 2.5 Ba | 1,354 sf
Land: 5,038 sf
66-923 Ulihi Place
$675,000 3 Bd | 1.5 Ba | 864 sf
Land: 4,281 sf
1.46% price drop 1 day ago
66-905 Paahihi Street
$549,000 2 Bd | 1 Ba | 676 sf
Land: 4,730 sf
Paalaa Kai is cradled between Highway 82 & Kamehameha Hwy, just off the northwestern corner of the well known traffic circle that ends Route 99's upward path. From here, if you head west a couple of minutes on Kamehameha, you're in the midst of the famous eateries and unique North Shore shops of Haleiwa.

Both Kaiaka Bay & Haleiwa Ali'i Beach Parks are about a mile from Paalaa Kai's homes, though it is a longer distance in practice due to having to go north in order to cross Helemano Stream on the way. If that makes a walk a little more time consuming, it's still only a 5 minute ride in your car.

You're right in the active part of North Shore when you live here, but outside the tourist path. It's your choice when and if to dip your feet in those areas our visitors frequent or stay in your quiet corner.

The vast majority of Paalaa Kai houses were built in the 1980's, with a few older vintages, but not many. As you can imagine, they tend to follow the rectangular, wood paneled style that you expect on the North Shore of Oahu.

Clearly they were intended for Island families, with 3BRs being the dominant design, and some taking on larger households who need as much as 9BRs. Then again, North Shore residents are known to be popular with visitors in the winter surf season, filling guest room space for at least that popular part of the year.

Lots are average sized, taking up 4,000 to 6,000 sq ft usually, with the interiors varying widely from a little under 1,000 to almost 4,000 sq ft inside them.

If the homes are a little closer than some parts of the North Shore, you're surrounded by green spaces that balances that with a fully rural feel. The lack of anything above two stories adds to the openness that residents hold dearly up here.

This is the right place for anyone with job or other ties outside the North Shore. Firmly part of this distinct district, you're right off the highway to Central Oahu and Metro Honolulu. Yet close enough to head to the beach on a whim or into Haleiwa for an ono bite to eat.

With homes to accommodate almost any size household, Paalaa Kai should be a real estate stop for almost any buyer who loves the big surf lifestyle, and that includes You.

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  • Paalaakai Houses - Trends & Statistics

  • The price range of houses for sale in Paalaakai is $549K to $749K with a median price of $675K, median interior of 864sf and median land size of 4,730sf.
  • The median price of houses sold in Paalaakai year-to-date (Jan - Aug 18, 2017) is $662K. In previous years it was $691K (2016), $495K (2015), $500K (2014), $438K (2013), $375K (2012), $465K (2011), $422K (2010), $455K (2008), $459K (2007), $425K (2006), $382K (2005), $277K (2004), $231K (2003).
  • 6 houses have sold in Paalaakai year-to-date (Jan - Aug 18, 2017). In previous years, the total number of houses sold were 12 (2016), 4 (2015), 6 (2014), 5 (2013), 2 (2012), 6 (2011), 4 (2010), 3 (2008), 3 (2007), 5 (2006), 8 (2005), 5 (2004), 12 (2003).
  • On average Paalaakai houses were on the market for 32 days before they were sold (Jan - Aug 18, 2017). In previous years it was 119 days (2016), 77 days (2015), 102 days (2014), 115 days (2013), 51 days (2012), 51 days (2011), 61 days (2010), 131 days (2008), 78 days (2007), 45 days (2006), 42 days (2005), 39 days (2004), 65 days (2003).
  • The average days on market for Paalaakai houses before sold were 36 days July 2017 compared to 127 days July 2016.
  • The ratio of Paalaakai houses sales price vs list price were 99.0% July 2017 compared to 96.5% July 2016.
  • 2 Paalaakai houses were sold July 2017 compared to 4 houses sold July 2016.
  • The total dollar volume of houses currently for sale in Paalaakai is $1.97M and the sold dollar volume year-to-date (Jan - Aug 18, 2017) is $3.86M. In previous years sold dollar volume was $8.2M (2016), $1.96M (2015), $3.09M (2014), $2.32M (2013), $750K (2012), $2.75M (2011), $1.62M (2010), $1.29M (2008), $1.5M (2007), $2.09M (2006), $3.26M (2005), $1.47M (2004), $2.71M (2003).
  • The most recent sale in Paalaakai was a house located at 66-135 Oliana Place, sold for $660K on Jul 31, 2017. It had 850sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: 66-142 Waialua Beach Road (1,140sf) sold for $711K on 7/18/2017. 66-854 Kamakahala Street (856sf) sold for $647K on 6/21/2017. 66-140 Waialua Beach Road (1,014sf) sold for $685K on 5/24/2017. 66-900 Wanini Street (1,504sf) sold for $665K on 3/31/2017. 66-854 Kamakahala Street (856sf) sold for $500K on 2/2/2017. 66-166 Waialua Beach Road (2,292sf) sold for $719K on 10/3/2016. 66-164 Waialua Beach Road (2,292sf) sold for $701K on 9/6/2016. 66-090 Waialua Beach Road (2,358sf) sold for $925K on 8/24/2016. 66-892 Alena Loop (676sf) sold for $410K on 8/23/2016.