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Hoomalu at Waikele #D101
$458,000 2 Bd / 2 Ba / 833 sf

Rarely available! Ground floor, ...

  • Built in 1991, 54 Units, 2BR, Pets: OK (verify).
  • Some ground floor units have large yards.

See our aerial video of Hoomalu at Waikele.

About Hoomalu
Hoomalu at Waikele is one of those places that sits right next to a busy highway, yet you wouldn't notice most of the time. Route 99 runs beside the site of this townhome community, providing an immediate option for heading south to Honolulu or up to the North Shore.

This stretch of that road, though, is lined by trees so close together, their thick canopies touch, forming a scenic barrier that muffles the noise, while giving Hoomalu residents privacy behind a pleasing backdrop to their home.

On the exact opposite side of Hoomalu's homes lies the wide open expanse of Mitsuo Mits Shito Park. Purely a green space, locals love coming here for walks, playing a game of football with friends or just taking in the day from underneath one of the many shade trees that ring the outer border.

Inside, Hoomalu homes come in both single and two story layouts, both of which come in sizes of either 750 or 833 sq ft. Every unit also has a lanai that adds outside space of 70 sq ft.

This community was built in 1991, an early addition to Waikele that was fortunate to be placed in this convenient location. Hop on 99 and you're off and running to your job downtown or the beaches of North Shore. Shopping at the popular Waikele outlets and other major stores is also a short drive away, making it easy to get your errands done fast.

Enclosed in your green sanctuary, it's nice to know that is all a few minutes from home. If you have to leave, you don't want to have to do it for long.

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  • Hoomalu at Waikele Townhomes - Trends & Statistics

  • The price range of townhomes for sale in Hoomalu at Waikele is $458K with a median price of $458K and median interior of 833sf.
  • The historic median sales price of townhomes sold in Hoomalu at Waikele was $355K (2015), $330K (2014), $318K (2013), $333K (2012), $338K (2010), $284K (2009), $330K (2008), $335K (2007), $382K (2006), $277K (2005), $204K (2004), $185K (2003).
  • 0 townhomes have sold in Hoomalu at Waikele year-to-date (Jan - Mar 26, 2017). In previous years, the total number of townhomes sold were 1 (2015), 2 (2014), 4 (2013), 2 (2012), 1 (2010), 1 (2009), 1 (2008), 4 (2007), 5 (2006), 4 (2005), 6 (2004), 13 (2003).
  • Historically, the average number of days it took to sell townhomes in Hoomalu at Waikele was 59 days (2015), 66 days (2014), 147 days (2013), 24 days (2012), 55 days (2010), 52 days (2009), 115 days (2008), 81 days (2007), 27 days (2006), 36 days (2005), 58 days (2004), 33 days (2003).
  • The total dollar volume of townhomes currently for sale in Hoomalu at Waikele is $458K . The sold dollar volume in previous years was $355K (2015), $660K (2014), $1.27M (2013), $666K (2012), $338K (2010), $284K (2009), $330K (2008), $1.33M (2007), $1.85M (2006), $1.12M (2005), $1.25M (2004), $2.45M (2003).
  • The most recent sale in Hoomalu at Waikele was a townhome located at #B203 , sold for $355K on Apr 02, 2015. It had 750sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: #H102 (750sf) sold for $335K on 7/3/2014. #D/103 (750sf) sold for $325K on 2/14/2014. #H202 (750sf) sold for $347K on 10/23/2013. #E104 (833sf) sold for $375K on 9/12/2013. #C103 (750sf) sold for $289K on 4/16/2013. #G202 (750sf) sold for $266K on 1/15/2013. #H101 (833sf) sold for $339K on 6/22/2012. #F104 (833sf) sold for $327K on 3/21/2012. #E/103 (750sf) sold for $338K on 9/9/2010.
  • In Hoomalu at Waikele there is currently 1 fee simple units for sale.
  • There is 1 x 2 bedroom floor plan.