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Ward Village Update
Sales is under way for for The Cylinder at Gateway Towers - the 1st of the 2 ultra-luxury Gateway Towers - which will be just 125 units (111 Tower units and 14 Villa types). We have brochures, floor plans, pricing and more. The Ae'o project - 466 units (studio - 3BR) - sales is well underway with initial pricing in the ~$405K - $2M range.  Ultra-luxury Waiea is more than 90% sold out and luxury Anaha is ~85% sold out.  

Here is a brief video, which shows the Ward Village master plan model, Ae'o, Gateway Towers, Waiea & Anaha.

11/19/2015 - Ke Kilohana at 988 Halekauwila is expected to launch sales early 2016.
10/14/2015 - Ae'o condo project and the adjacent Whole Foods Market are to break ground March 2016 - expected completion year 2018. 10/13/2015 - Waiea is not far from being sold out and the lowest priced unit that remains is just short of $5M. A few incredible PH units remain as well.
10/11/2015 - Keauhou Place has broken ground. Completion expected fall 2017. Pricing on remaining inventory: 1BR from ~$630K, 2BR from ~$740K and 3BR from ~$907K.
09/02/2015 - A new condotel (condo hotel combination) is expected to come to Waikiki on the old Kyo-ya restaurant location, right next to Luana Waikiki.
08/12/2015 - Park Lane Ala Moana ~68% sold, Vida ~55% sold and Keauhou Place ~80% sold.
08/11/2015 - 133 Kaiulani, a 32 story Waikiki condotel project with 246 units (mainly studios and 1BR), may start construction next year (anticipatde completion 2018).
08/10/2015 - The Residence at Makiki - 35 units, mainly 2BR ~$500,000 - is more than 50% sold out. 5 story complex without amenities, but low maintenance fees.
07/18/2015 - The Collection will soon begin sales of 12 large townhouse units with very cool features. There are just 6 units left for sale in the tower. 
07/08/2015 - Ae'o owner-occupant lottery of 234 units will be held on July 18th at 9am.
07/07/2015 - Ultra-luxury Gateway Towers begins owner-occupant sales tomorrow, July 8th.
06/20/2015 - Keauhou Place is 70% sold out and expected to break ground soon (at this stage on target for completion summer 2017).
06/19/2015 - Luxury condo project Vida - to be located on Ala Moana Blvd 1 lot west of Ward Village - shows availability and pricing online.
06/12/2015 - Ultra-luxury condo Park Lane Ala Moana in an HILuxury magazine article - see article.
05/16/2015 - The Ae'o condo project in Kakaako (until now referred to as the "Whole Foods project") is coming this summer. Aeo's address will be 1001 Queen Street (this is the old Nordstrom Rack location).
04/01/2015 - The 1st of the 2 ultra-luxury Gateway Towers is expected to come on the market this May, which will be a 300ft tall cylinder tower next to Waiea - about 330ft away, on the current Ward Warehouse location. A total of 125 units, of which 14 will be Villa styles.
03/29/2015 - Waiea showroom is taken down and the "Whole Foods" project will take over the space (maybe coming on the market July).
03/28/2015Commodore Waikiki condo project sales is under way, priced ~$280K to $505K (community laundry, except PH units, no elevators and parking stalls will be offered for sale separately, at developer's discretion). 
03/13/2015 - Hauoli Lofts is a new condo project in the McCully area of Honolulu - to be located at 917 Hauoli Street - and the project will be just 9 units total - all 3BR configurations starting ~$700,000. Sales expected to begin March 15.
02/24/2015 - 133 Kaiulani is a 248 unit 1-3BR condotel project in Waikiki, to be located where King's Village Shopping Center currently is located. Expected completion year 2018.
02/04/2015 - HCDA approves the Whole Foods condo project in Kakaako's Ward Village - read details here.
01/30/2015 - Keauhou Place condo project (part of "Our Kakaako") will this coming Tuesday 10am start online registration for Buyers.
12/12/2014 - Howard Hughes is planning to submit plans, which would replace the Marukai Market with a tower boasting a mix of residential and commercial units. Project would come after the planned project on the old Nortdstrom Rack lot, which will include a Whole Foods store.
6/27/2014 - Howard Hughes Leases Kewalo Basin Harbor, which means an expected revitalizaion and upgrading of the harbor.

Up-to-date map on new condo projects in Honolulu.

Upcoming New Condos in Honolulu

Where are the New Condo Developments in Honolulu?
Without question, the name on everyone's minds is Kakaako, which, ironically, means slow in Hawaiian. This mainly industrial area is just beginning the transformation that will turn it into a dynamic neighborhood that promises the best in urban outdoor lifestyles, luxury living and a perfect location bridging Downtown and Ala Moana. There are also development plans in Waikiki, though on a much smaller scale.

The creation of this burgeoning neighborhood, Kakaako, is primarily the work of 2 major entities - Kamehameha Schools and the Howard Hughes Corporation. Howard Hughes owns 19% of the land in Kakaako, while Kamehameha has 17%.

Kamehameha will be transforming 29 acres of their land here, under a project called 'Our Kakaako', which make up the western section, closest to downtown, of the entire redevelopment. Lying next to it on the East is Hughes' Ward Village concept, spread over 60 acres total (red line in below picture shows the area of Ward Village).

There's actually a 3rd major section, aside from the Hughes & Kamehameha communities, which takes up the area between Piikoi St and the historic IBM Building (Queen St) - the easternmost area, closest to Ala Moana - known as the 'Super Block', due to its density of development. The Super Block is made up of 7 popular high-rise condos: Hokua (2006), Koolani (2006), Nauru Tower (1990), Hawaiki Tower (1999), Waihonua (2015), 1350 Ala Moana (1968) & Moana Pacific (2007).

Together Kamehameha and Hughes are expected to build close to 30 new Kakaako condo towers in the coming years (~ 22 condo buildings by Howard Hughes in "Ward Village" and ~ 7 condos on land owned by Kamehameha Schools in "Our Kakaako"). Many will take their place among the finest Honolulu luxury condos, once completed. Keep in mind, though, these new condo developments in Honolulu will ultimately include a broad range of units, including affordable and mid-range housing.

More About Ward Village - Urban Development Guided By a Vision
The Ward Village neighborhood will be roughly defined by Ward Ave on the West (including a few lots west of Ward Ave), Ala Moana Blvd on the South and Queen St as both eastern and northern borders due to its curved path.

The fact that Howard Hughes owns all of this land makes certain that its vision of integrated shopping and services, such as grocery stores, parking structures and dining options will be a certainty. These elements are an integral part of the Kakaako 'outdoor living space' lifestyle, rather than afterthoughts added wherever they could be fit in - something that happens too often in fast developing Honolulu. 

The vision includes making the entire area LEED (leadership in energy & environmental design) platinum-certified, which would make Ward Village the largest platinum-certified neighborhood the US. LEED certification is a prestigious designation offered to properties offering a high level of sustainability. Some examples of what Howard Hughes is doing to achieve this high level LEED certification: 

  • Focus on water and energy savings, which help reduce water consumption. Methods include utilizing high-performance, water-saving fixtures like dual-flush toilets.
  • Usage of energy-efficient appliances and design, which reduces the consumption of imported oil and the creation of CO2 emissions, making for a healthier environment and land. For landscaping, LEED prioritizes the use of native plants, drought-tolerant plants, and low-impact stormwater design. This is important because stormwater runoff is one of the ocean’s top pollutants. Such design absorbs runoff and also acts as a filter, reducing the flow of polluted water.
  • Avenues for environmentally friendly modes of transportation (biking and walking instead of driving), encouraging better fitness. It also prioritizes the health of residents in other ways, including integrating larger open spaces and improved circulation in buildings, making for fresh air beyond code minimums.

Howard Hughes has also made clear their intentions to build luxury units that, at least in some cases, will raise the bar in Hawaii. One in the works is a penthouse property listed at $80,000,000 (yes $80M, not $8M), which will have its own heliport. 

All of Ward Village, when completed, will contain about 20 condo projects, but will not be defined by concrete sprawl. Hughes has planned a 4 acre park so the community will have ample room to breathe and enjoy the beauty of this place. The defining concept Kamehameha Schools, the other major landowner, and Hughes have jointly set down is that Kakaako will be a place to Live, not just reside. There's a big difference.

The utter commitment by Howard Hughes to this project is unmistakable if only from the approximate $20 million they've spent remodeling the landmark IBM Building into an Information & Sales Center specifically for this undertaking.

Insight to Kakaako
Residents will enjoy broad pedestrian paths & boulevards all over the district. Enjoy a refreshing stroll at the end of the workday or walk to an enticing new restaurant nearby you've been always wanting to try. Alongside convenient shopping, you'll also find senior centers, recreation areas and playgrounds. All ages can find a new condo in Kakaako that feels welcoming and like home.

Along with this smart development you get the best of nature's treasures as well. Soft, enveloping beach, the infinite blue ocean, wide green parks - they're all within your reach now. No climbing once again into the car every time you need to just get out for a while. Kakaako’s new development is built around easy access to every aspect of life.

Be a part of this incredible community that will only get better and better. Make sure you get the timing right and end up in the best condo for you and your lifestyle. Feel free to contact us and learn what you need to know about making your home a new condo in Kakaako or one of the other new condo developments in Honolulu.

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New Condo Projects
Gateway Towers

Ultra-luxury towers in Kakaako's Ward Village.
Sales ongoing.
Expected completion: ~2018 (1st tower).


High-end project in Ward Village with adjacent Whole Foods Store.
Sales under way.
Expected completion: 2018.


Luxury project in "Our Kakaako" on Ala Moana Blvd.
Sales ongoing. 
Expected completion: Early 2018.


Ultra-luxury project in Kakaako's Ward Village.
~90% sold out.
Expected completion: Late 2016.


Luxury condo project in Kakaako's Ward Village. 
~85% sold out.
Expected completion: Early 2017

Park Lane Ala Moana

Ultra-luxury project on Ala Moana Shopping Center.
Large lanais, courtyards & more.
Expected Completion: Early 2017. 

Ritz-Carlton Waikiki

2 towers: Ultra-luxury condotel project in Waikiki.
2nd phase ~70% sold (1st phase sold out).
Expected completion: Early 2016 (tower 1) & early 2017 (tower 2)

Symphony Honolulu

Quality condo project in Kakaako. 
~90% sold out.
Expected completion: Early 2016.

Keauhou Place

Mid-priced condo project in Kakaako, within "Our Kakaako." 
Sales under way. 
Expected completion: Early 2017.

The Collection

Great location (Ala Moana Blvd) mid-priced project in 'Our Kakaako.'
Townhouse units remain.
Expected completion: Late 2016.

988 Halekauwila

~88% reserved housing units in Ward Village.
Sales coming soon.
Expected completion: 2018.

Newer Condos
One Ala Moana

Luxury condo built in 2014, 206 units on 23 floors, 1 - 4BR.
Amenities: Infinity pool, theater, guest suites, dog park, massage room, yoga / pilates room, BBQ & more.


Luxury condo built in 2006, 40 floors with 247 units, 2 - 4BR floor plans.
Amenities: Concierge, swimming pool, sauna, tennis courts, BBQ area with cabanas, guest suites & more.

The Watermark

Luxury condo built in 2008, 196 units on 38 floors, 2 to 3BR.
Amenities include infinity pool, sauna, hot tub, BBQ pavilion, media room/library, gym.


Built in 2015, 345 units on 43 floors, 1 - 3BR.
Amenities: Infinity pool, party room, theater, gym, hot tub, BBQ pavilions, 2 guest suites & more.

Allure Waikiki

Built in 2010, 35 floors and 302 units with 1 to 3BR floor plans.
Amenities: Resort-like 20,000sqf+ recreation area with infitiny pool & jacuzzi, fitness center, BBQ area and Wi-Fi access from deck. 

Trump Tower Waikiki

Luxury condotel built in 2009 with 469 units, 38 floors, studio & 1 to 3BR floor plans.
Amenities: Full service spa, 24 hour valet parking, restaurants, room service, infinity pool, concierge & more.


Built in 2006, 48 floors that hold 372 units, 2 to 4BR floor plans.
Amenities: Fitness, swimming pool, outdoor spa, 20 person movie theater, tennis courts, BBQ area, billiards room, putting green, dog park & more.