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New Honolulu Condos

Pricing, news & more on new condo projects in Honolulu, including condos in Ward Village and Our Kakaako.

Kakaako Condos

Fastest growing condo neighborhood in Honolulu, with luxury condos such as Waiea, Anaha, Hokua & more.

Waikiki Condos

Home to 100+ condos and Hawaii's nr. 1 tourist destination. Popular condos include Ritz-Carlton, Ilikai Apts & Trump Tower.

West Oahu Real Estate

West Oahu real estate overviews and news on real estate developments taking place in Ewa Beach, Kapolei & Ko Olina. 

Kailua Homes

Kailua real estate is predominantly low-rise properties and many sections are located by world-class white sandy beaches.

Hawaii Kai Homes

Hawaii Kai single-family homes are part of the premier marina community on Oahu with several water- & oceanfront homes.

Diamond Head Homes

About 650 homes, considered some of the most exclusive and sought after real estate on Oahu, with just 60 oceanfront homes. 

Ko Olina Real Estate

Newer tourist resort on Oahu’s west coast with golf course fronting townhomes and beachfront condos set between hotels.

Honolulu Condos

Honolulu's condo market offers a wide variety of options, including Kakaako's new condos to Waikiki's 100+ highrises.

Kahala Homes

Upscale real estate on Oahu - referred to as the Beverly Hills of Hawaii - home to stunning estate sized oceanfront properties.  

Honolulu Homes

From modern luxury (ex: Kahala) to vintage homes (ex: Manoa) to rainforest living (ex: Tantalus) & more.

Kapolei Homes

Oahu’s 2nd city, located on the western part of the island, has seen a lot of real estate developments from the 1990’s to present.

Oahu Real Estate - News

8/29/2016 - See our guide to beach & oceanfront homes & neighborhoods in Honolulu.
7/31/2016 - Homeownership in the US fell to 62.9% in Q2 2016, which is the lowest level since 1965, driven by high home prices. 
7/25/2016 - Oahu lacks sufficient new housing for its residents, notably on the affordable end. A major reason for the lack of new housing is the high level of regulations in Honolulu County, which means higher costs to developers and ultimately higher home prices.  
7/19/2016 - Developer Peter Savio has bought Niu Valley Shopping Center (east Honolulu) for $18.5M and reportedly plans to sell individiual spaces back to tenants in a condo conversion effort. 
7/03/2016 - Check out our article on Oahu's top 10 oceanfront single-family homes neighborhoods
6/18/2016 - Oahu real estate market outlook June 2016.
6/17/2016 - Chinese investing in Hawaii real estate has increased significantly over the past couple of years, especially in the commercial and residential development space. 
06/02/2016 - ~29,400 people work in the construction industry in Honolulu, up from ~24,400 1 year ago. 
05/11/2016 - Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu's North Shore is in early stage planning to expand the resort with an additional hotel, new golf courses & more. 
05/07/2016 - Hawaii (all islands) needs close to 66,000 housing units over the next decade to keep up with expected demand, with close to 26,000 of the units needed on Oahu - see full report on the State's website here.
04/26/2016 - A Chinese investment company is in discussions with James Campbell Co. to purchase the entire 516 acre 'Kapolei West' land, connecting Ko Olina to Kapolei, and create a master-planned residential community.
04/17/2016 - The Dept. of Planning & Permitting in Honolulu appears to be cracking down harder on vacation rentals (rentals less than 30 days) in residential neighborhoods with about 40 citations so far this year compared with just 35 citations total year 2015. 
03/22/2016 - Hawaii has the lowest property tax rate of all US states and the typical homeowner pays about 50% less than a homeower in Alabama, which is the state with the 2nd lowest property tax rate  - see article on Civil Beat.
03/13/2016 - A gated project - consisting of 6 homes - is in the planning in Kailua's Maunawili neighborhood.
03/11/2016 - Hoopili, a D.R. Horton-Schuler master planned community of close to 12,000 homes, is expected to start construction this summer. It will be a city in itself and it is expected to take 20 to 25yrs to comlete the entire plan.
02/20/2016 - 7 incredible brand new Grand Penthouses for sale in Honolulu - see details here
02/11/2016 - The ultimate real estate tax benefit guide - a must read for anyone who owns real estate in the US.
02/04/2016 - Californians purchased more than 1,500 properties in Hawaii year 2015. Read more about who purchased how much in this PBN article
01/24/2016 - Honolulu HI 5's pet policy guide is a central piece in today's (Sunday) paper, Honolulu Star-Advertiser. 
01/22/2016 - A $2BL Atlantis aquarium resort is in the planning - would be located in Ko Olina.
01/20/2016 - Rental rates in Honolulu are estimated to be up ~15% Q4 2015 vs Q4 2014, which is based on data from 3BR single-family homes, compiled by Real Property Management Alliance. Nationwide rates are up ~3.1% in the same period. 
01/17/2016 - 2 brand new single-family homes developments coming to Hawaii Kai.
01/15/2016 - Almost 7,500 solar photovoltaic permits were issued on Oahu year 2015 - a significant increase from the ~6,500 permits issues year 2014. 
01/11/2016 - Effective 2/16/2016 FIRPTA withholdings will increase from 10% to 15% of the sales price for sellers who are  non-US residents. Only if the buyer intends to occupy the property as their residence, the withholding is reduced for certain price parameters: a) 10% of the sales price for properties sold between $300,001 to $1M and b.) 0% of sales price for properties sold up to $300,000. Note: This is not an increase in the actual capital gains tax, but only an increase in the withholdings. 
12/24/2015 - Robertson Properties Group - LA based developer - has purchased the old King Kalakaua Plaza lot in Waikiki (previous tenants Nike Town, Banana Republic). We suspect something is in the works (maybe a residential tower). 
12/18/2015 - Chinese investment company purchased 23 acres of land in Ko Olina - Oahu's west coast - and is planning to develop a 150 unit luxury condo and a connecting 150 unit luxury hotel. 
- 17 new retail developments are currently in the making on Oahu, expected to create 4 million sqf more retail space over the next 4 years. 
12/18/2015 - Federal solar tax credit has been extended for another 5 years, which is great news for Oahu homeowners.
12/16/2015 - US homeownership rate is the lowest since 1967 and the share of income spent on rent is at an all time high (Hawaii ranked 3rd) - these details and more described in this excellent article on Apartment List. 
12/01/2015 - Foreign buyers represent a fairly small overall percentage Hawaii real estate buyers - see this in-depth article on Civil Beat and the Governor's website, analysing resale data from year 2008 through September 2015.
Oahu Real Estate - Trends & Statistics
  • Condos
  • Oahu condos median sales price year-to-date is $390,000. In previous years it was $364,000 (2015), $345,000 (2014), $335,000 (2013), $316,000 (2012), $302,000 (2011).
  • Honolulu condos median sales price year-to-date is $400,000. In previous years it was $380,000 (2015), $365,000 (2014), $360,000 (2013), $340,000 (2012), $325,050 (2011).
  • Oahu condos average sales price vs list price was 98.5% July 2016 compared to 98.3% July 2015.
  • Honolulu condos average sales price vs list price was 97.9% July 2016 compared to 97.7% July 2015.
  • Oahu condos average days on market before sold was 77 days July 2016 compared to 80 days July 2015.
  • Honolulu condos average days on market before sold was 84 days July 2016 compared to 85 days July 2015.
  • 445 Oahu condos were sold July 2016 compared to 520 condos sold July 2015.
  • 276 Honolulu condos were sold July 2016 compared to 283 condos sold July 2015.

  • Homes
  • Oahu single-family homes median sales price year-to-date is $730,000. In previous years it was $705,000 (2015), $675,000 (2014), $649,900 (2013), $625,000 (2012), $579,000 (2011).
  • Honolulu single-family homes median sales price year-to-date is $1,010,000. In previous years it was $950,000 (2015), $950,000 (2014), $887,750 (2013), $820,000 (2012), $795,000 (2011).
  • Oahu single-family homes average sales price vs list price was 98.9% July 2016 compared to 98.2% July 2015.
  • Honolulu single-family homes average sales price vs list price was 98.0% July 2016 compared to 97.2% July 2015.
  • Oahu single-family homes average days on market before sold was 84 days July 2016 compared to 77 days July 2015.
  • Honolulu single-family homes average days on market before sold was 88 days July 2016 compared to 84 days July 2015.
  • 328 Oahu single-family homes were sold July 2016 compared to 353 homes sold July 2015.
  • 64 Honolulu single-family homes were sold July 2016 compared to 83 homes sold July 2015.
More Oahu Real Estate
Lanikai Homes

Upscale, yet a laid-back beachfront community, home to some of Oahu’s most amazing real estate. Lanikai Beach is by many considered the nr. 1 beach in the US.

Honolulu Luxury Homes

Spectacular luxury homes in Honolulu priced $5M and up, including Kahala, Diamond Head, Hawaii Loa Ridge & more.

North Shore Homes

‘Keep the Country Country” sums up the feel of this part of Oahu’s real estate with hardly any large-scale developments. 

Honolulu Luxury Condos

Honolulu's most spectacular luxury condos, priced $3M and up, including Kakaako's & Ala Moana's new luxury condos Waiea, Park Lane, Anaha & Gateway Towers.

Mililani Mauka Homes

Central Oahu real estate, popular for its cooler location, easy access across the island and abundance of newer construction.

Ewa Beach Homes

Popular Oahu real estate developed from the 1930’s to present, offering a variety of newer single family and townhouse options.

Waikele Townhomes

Charming golf course community with a large variety of townhomes options, including golf fronting properties. Also home to the popular Waikele Outlet.

Makakilo Homes

Newer ridge based West Oahu homes, many boasting incredible views and benefitting from the pleasant cool breezes. Some new developments are taking place.

Oahu Condos

Condos on Oahu has something for everyone from luxury high-rise condos to condos in a resort setting to rural condo lush green living.

Kaneohe Homes

Reminiscence of old Hawaii with minimal real estate developments and options to live on stunning Kaneohe Bay or in a lush green setting. 

Oahu Homes

Oahu homes offer an incredible diversity from luxury estate type living to rural country living to master planned community living & more.