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About Kuakini Residence
You can look over all of Hawaii and you'll probably never find another property like Kuakini Residence. What is it? To put it in the simplest terms, it's a single family home. One that is, for some reason, under a CPR (Condominium Property Regime) all by itself. House or condo, it's a wonderfully unique to live.

That uniqueness is plain from a glance at its design, the 2nd floor wider than the 1st so it sticks out over the ground on both ends, like a child's stacked building blocks.

There are 3 stories total, the third floor inside the deep roof, so the walls lean inward as they go upward. On this level you have multiple windows that let in the light, including tall paned windows not only up here by over the stairs coming up that add even more brightness.

This residence sits just off the Pali Highway, with 968 sq ft of interior space and a covered lanai of 235 sq ft outside. From your abode here you look out upon the mountains as well as your surrounding neighborhood filled with vintage homes that have a charm all their own.

This site is firmly outside the urban sprawl of the area of Downtown, yet you can commute there in 5 minutes. Or head across the Pali to the Windward Side for a pleasurable day on that side of Oahu.

Up the Pali Highway you have the serenity that comes in living in this local neighborhood. Best of all, you'll spend your time in a home that will have everyone admiring your singular taste.

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