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About Hale Makalei
Just before you come into Kailua, you can't help but be drawn to gaze at the left side of Kailua Road, where the landscape stretches seemingly forever in open & preserved greenery. That stunning vista is the backdrop for the homes in Hale Makalei.

You get to the building by taking a let turn as soon as you cross into town, right at the local landmark of Kimo's Surf Hut. Built in 1995, Hale Makalei sits back here in a part of Kailua that's lesser known to its many visitors since it's purely residential and sits on a quiet cul-de-sac.

Despite being removed from where the traffic heads in this part of Windward Oahu, you're not far from that central area of town at all. Whole Foods, where the main shopping and dining district begins, is about a 10 minute walk from your home here.

Hale Makalei itself fits the Windward profile, rising to just 4 floors and holding 24 residences within it. Unusually, there are 10 floor plans, so most layouts only account for 1 to 3 units. They all comprise plans of 1BR/1BA (437 or 438 sq ft) and 2BR/2BA (671 to 682 sq ft).

The lanais are on the smaller side, measuring 36 or 49 sq ft, the top floor having an especially commanding view of Kawanui Park's conserved lands and the equally green climes of the Koolaus in the distance.

When people think of Kailua, they rarely envision living beside that scenery and its unceasing beauty, maybe because most don't have the privilege. Come home to Hale Makalei and you can make it yours.

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  • Hale Makalei Condos - Trends & Statistics

  • The historic median sales price of condos sold in Hale Makalei was $410K (2016), $379K (2015), $306K (2012), $267K (2010), $288K (2009), $339K (2008), $310K (2007), $315K (2006), $265K (2005), $185K (2004), $177K (2003).
  • 0 condos have sold in Hale Makalei year-to-date (Jan 22, 2017). In previous years, the total number of condos sold were 3 (2016), 1 (2015), 1 (2012), 2 (2010), 4 (2009), 4 (2008), 1 (2007), 2 (2006), 3 (2005), 6 (2004), 3 (2003).
  • Historically, the average number of days it took to sell condos in Hale Makalei was 55 days (2016), 69 days (2015), 36 days (2012), 33 days (2010), 54 days (2009), 22 days (2008), 43 days (2007), 44 days (2006), 7 days (2005), 19 days (2004), 155 days (2003).
  • The dollar volume of condos sold in Hale Makalei was $1.23M (2016), $379K (2015), $306K (2012), $535K (2010), $1.18M (2009), $1.35M (2008), $310K (2007), $630K (2006), $810K (2005), $1.13M (2004), $494K (2003)
  • The most recent sale in Hale Makalei was a condo located at #206 , sold for $415K on May 26, 2016. It had 672sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: #307 (672sf) sold for $408K on 5/25/2016. #202 (676sf) sold for $410K on 4/8/2016. #103 (682sf) sold for $379K on 3/6/2015. #208 (675sf) sold for $306K on 6/22/2012. #202 (676sf) sold for $300K on 8/27/2010. #304 (437sf) sold for $235K on 5/4/2010. #208 (675sf) sold for $284K on 12/18/2009. #307 (672sf) sold for $279K on 6/23/2009. #305 (671sf) sold for $330K on 1/26/2009.