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59-536 Pupukea Road
$1,395,000 5 Bd / 3 Ba / 2,308 sf

Over 2 acres in Pupukea with pos...

Sunday Open House
59-449 Makana Road
$2,400,000 3 Bd / 3 Ba / 1,591 sf

Privacy and serenity abound on t...

59-520 Hoalike Road
$1,450,000 2 Bd / 3 Ba / 1,417 sf

Prominent local architect design...

59-391 Pupukea Road
$1,250,000 3 Bd / 1 Ba / 920 sf

Nice Level Acre with many Fruit ...

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About Pupukea
It is true that the cost of living is higher in a home on Pupukea than many other areas of Oahu, your commute will be a very long one if you work in town and you're sometimes under siege from the strong forces of Mother Nature up on the North Shore. So why do so many homebuyers flock here? In a phrase, they pay more so they can get less.

Like less development and concrete for a start. Pupukea homes sit near, and sometimes nearly on, natural treasures famous throughout the Islands and the world. Names like Sunset Beach, Pipeline and Sharks Cove conjure up images in minds everywhere of pristine beaches, famous wave breaks and prime diving spots.

Those are just the most notable sites on a coast full of scenery that stirs something in the soul. You can't include that in a mortgage agreement, but it's every bit a part of what you're getting here when you settle on these lands.

Worried that large scale build up will change the landscape? Those concerns are being addressed directly today through efforts by a coalition of community groups and state government to purchase lands that had been targeted for development in the 1980's by a Japanese company.

The project was defeated by locals who have now turned to buying the land in order to perpetually preserve it. The beauty of Pupukea homes will be kept just as it is on the day you moved here. That's a special promise to have in rapidly growing Oahu.

Another perk? Less noise and crowding. The properties up here were subdivided in the 1950's and 60's and classified then as 'Country'. Thus, the lots were all measured out in 1 acre or greater parcels. Your lot, in other words, will have that same amount of space to live and enjoy as you please. North Shore residents love their neighbors, but they also like a little room to breathe between them and next door. Pupukea real estate gives you that, guaranteed by the government.

Much of the Pupukea properties in the uplands, including Sunset Hills, look both down, and out, at the ocean laid out before them. With the lack of build up here, you have something close to the views that the first settlers here had so many years ago. There are no real traffic sounds or anything else that defines the modern urban life on these roads, which only adds to the effect. You can feel as if you're truly in your own world – and what a world it is up here.

Most houses were build within the past 30 years, though some go back to the 1970's. Before that time, very few people lived up this far on the North Shore. Since then the larger lot sizes, and the prime scenery, meant larger homes as well. Multiple bedrooms are common as are luxury features such as swimming pools, wrap around lanais and gated entrances.

The exclusivity, and prices, attract a higher-end buyer, including more than a few celebrities who have made this their retreat from prying eyes. It would be hard to find a better place to get away from the hectic, pressure-filled life they often lead, so it's understandable that they'd be attracted to Pupukea.

The Sunset Hills community stands out further due to its buried utilities that free the eyes to take in the views without interference or distraction. For many, there's no other way to enjoy the riches that surround you.

Yes, you do need to be prepared to pay a little more for the chance to live in Pupukea as well as factor in some of the inconvenience that can come from living far from a real shopping center or other resources. In exchange, though, you're getting the kind of existence few will ever know, in a place that will never seem too familiar, always bringing something new to your life to treasure forever.

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  • Pupukea Houses - Trends & Statistics

  • The price range of houses for sale in Pupukea is $1.25M to $2.4M with a median price of $1.42M, median interior of 1,504sf and median land size of 44,061sf.
  • The median price of houses sold in Pupukea year-to-date (2016) is $1.12M. In previous years it was $1.1M (2015), $1.4M (2014), $742K (2013), $1.05M (2012), $835K (2011), $812K (2010), $858K (2009), $1.13M (2008), $1.1M (2007), $1.23M (2006), $1.25M (2005), $850K (2004), $569K (2003).
  • 12 houses have sold in Pupukea year-to-date (2016). In previous years, the total number of houses sold were 13 (2015), 11 (2014), 9 (2013), 11 (2012), 5 (2011), 10 (2010), 7 (2009), 8 (2008), 11 (2007), 4 (2006), 15 (2005), 7 (2004), 14 (2003).
  • On average Pupukea houses were on the market for 183 days before they were sold (2016). In previous years it was 199 days (2015), 144 days (2014), 83 days (2013), 101 days (2012), 84 days (2011), 145 days (2010), 140 days (2009), 118 days (2008), 123 days (2007), 63 days (2006), 58 days (2005), 98 days (2004), 89 days (2003).
  • The average days on market for Pupukea houses before sold were 44 days November 2016 compared to 275 days November 2015.
  • The ratio of Pupukea houses sales price vs list price were 100.0% November 2016 compared to 93.9% November 2015.
  • 1 Pupukea house was sold November 2016 compared to 2 houses sold November 2015.
  • The total dollar volume of houses currently for sale in Pupukea is $6.49M and the sold dollar volume year-to-date (2016) is $14.91M. In previous years sold dollar volume was $16.74M (2015), $15.13M (2014), $8.7M (2013), $11.34M (2012), $4.82M (2011), $8.4M (2010), $6.75M (2009), $9.45M (2008), $15M (2007), $4.8M (2006), $25.94M (2005), $6.29M (2004), $8.36M (2003).
  • The most recent sale in Pupukea was a house located at 59-529 Hoalike Road, sold for $1.49M on Dec 02, 2016. It had 2127sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: (1,168sf) sold for $999K on 11/2/2016. 59-379 Makana Road (2,470sf) sold for $1.5M on 10/27/2016. 59-490 Alapio Road (3,270sf) sold for $1.1M on 6/27/2016. 59-705 Pupukea Place (1,590sf) sold for $998K on 6/13/2016. 59-517 Aukauka Place (3,058sf) sold for $1.12M on 6/1/2016. 59-357 Makana Road (1,717sf) sold for $1.29M on 5/25/2016. 59-469 Makana Road (3,207sf) sold for $1.97M on 5/24/2016. 59-495 Hoalike Road (3,578sf) sold for $1.3M on 5/23/2016. 59-381 Pupukea Road (1,478sf) sold for $1.12M on 5/18/2016.
  • 2 of the houses have ocean views and 1 has mountain views.
The MLS properties are based on information from the Multiple Listing Service of Hicentral MLS, Ltd. Listings last updated on December 03, 2016. Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.