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Ko Olina Beach Villas #O-511
$1,275,000 3 Bd / 3 Ba / 1,484 sf

Experience the luxurious lifesty...

Kahala Gardens #11
$650,000 2 Bd / 1.5 Ba / 1,116 sf

Excellent location, tastefully r...

Diamond Head Hale Corp #16
$455,000 2 Bd / 1 Ba / 809 sf

You will love this charming Diam...

Na Pali Gardens #J1
$380,000 2 Bd / 1 Ba / 722 sf

Rarely available, ground floor e...

$558,000 2 Bd / 2 Ba / 1,120 sf

Newly Renovated Urban Beach Resi...

Oahuan Tower Ltd #214
$30,000 Studio / 1 Ba / 400 sf
Hokua #18A
$2,850,000 3 Bd / 2.5 Ba / 2,325 sf

Great location and beautiful oce...

Arbors #23B
$450,000 2 Bd / 2 Ba / 1,009 sf

See the pool from your couch &am...

Palm Villas #27D
$320,000 2 Bd / 1.5 Ba / 716 sf

Fully renovated Palm Villa townh...

Kuilima Estates #24
$579,900 1 Bd / 2 Ba / 658 sf

Beautifully Remodeled throughout...

Mariners Place #4F1
$475,000 3 Bd / 2.5 Ba / 1,050 sf

Garden Front Yard End Unit in Ma...

Pearl #1202
$255,000 1 Bd / 1 Ba / 515 sf

Renovated throughout-newer appli...

Ilikai Apt Bldg #1707
$509,000 1 Bd / 1 Ba / 500 sf

Price to Sell! Rarely available ...

$405,000 2 Bd / 1 Ba / 749 sf

Beautiful and spacious corner-en...

Royal Iolani #3702
$890,000 2 Bd / 2 Ba / 1,147 sf

Desirable high floor "02&qu...

1 - 15 of 1721
Looking at Oahu condos for sale? You wouldn't be the first one to admit that it can be a confusing process. Often people just end up shopping purely on price. That is an important point in a place like Oahu, but that one issue focus can bring long-term regret. It's essential that you incorporate that most important of real estate factors: Location. Figuring out the Where will put you on the road to finding a place that'll truly be 'Home' and not just where you go after work.

Major Oahu Condo Neighborhoods
Honolulu Condos (major neighborhoods):

Kakaako Condos
Poised to create a new living environment right in central Honolulu, Kakaako will be the top story in Oahu condos for years to come. Some of the most luxurious condo properties will be here along with a few villas in places like Waiea.

Just a few of the highlights for condo buyers include ocean views that will be nothing short of spectacular, large parks and soothing outdoor living spaces you might spend more of your time in than your own home and enough shops and restaurants, all in walking distance, to keep you busy for some time.

The buildings will use cutting edge green technology and incorporate local and Hawaiian imagery and other touches to make living here a truly special experience. You owe it to yourself to check in on the Kakaako projects and exactly what's happening here, because it will be spectacular.

Waikiki Condos
The condos of Waikiki run the gamut from small walk-ups to modern luxury towers with amenities that are first class. Space is at a premium all over the Island, but it can go to another level here. Don't be surprised if floor plans are a little smaller.

Still, you're almost guaranteed to live in walking distance from world-famous beaches as well as top-level designer stores and fine dining. Views are beautiful here as well. Some get a window on that sparkling blue Pacific, but there's also the Ala Wai Canal, with its outrigger paddling teams, to gaze out on as well.

Like any world famous resort area, you pay more, but you get more as well. There's a vitality here that isn't present in any other condo neighborhood on Oahu. For some, that makes the higher price tag a smart investment.

Gold Coast Condos
This strip of real estate immediately east of Waikiki holds properties that have immediate recognition in smart real estate circles. Residents have Diamond Head behind them and some of the greatest ocean vistas in front. These residences stand almost right on the waves themselves due to being built before stricter regulations were passed. In short, they have an unmistakably superior location that will never be duplicated. Their daily soundtrack is the ocean waves just feet from their lanais.

All of these buildings came up in the 1950's or early 1960's, so amenities are in short supply. That's never caused a complaint, though. Condos go regularly for 7 figures, when they do come on the market. Once you buy here, you rarely feel the urge to leave and there are really no Oahu condos anything like these.

Hawaii Kai Condos
Hawaii Kai condos vary greatly, from one and two story homes right on the marina – with their own personal dock – to the towering buildings that start a little further back toward the mountains. If you've dreamt of stepping out of your living room onto your boat for some time on the water, this is where you should be.

Even those without dock privileges get beautiful views due to the generally open sightlines so a marina, or even ocean, view is a real possibility. Hawaii Kai has successfully integrated development without losing the natural touches throughout that have kept this from anything resembling a paved over urban jungle.

With 3 major shopping centers, which includes Costco, a movie theater and plenty of dining options, your off-hours are easily filled right near home. There are no other Oahu condo neighborhoods, with such unique master planned marina based community.

Kailua Condos
There aren't a lot of typical condos in Kailua. It's a community that's determined to remain small and intimate. That means little vertical build up happens here. The condos you'll come across in this town are mainly in small walk-ups that fit the character of the area.

Don't expect modern amenities or parking garages here. Kailua is a community built on small-town tropical tranquility, a throwback to Oahu's roots. The condos and townhomes here go quickly despite the lack of luxuries because of the beauty, serenity and lifestyle that comes out in the smiles you'll see on the faces of the locals.

Kaneohe Condos
What a difference a few miles can make! Just up the coast in Kaneohe is where you'll finally see high-rise condos. In fact, this is where most of these building are on the Windward Side. If you're someone who enjoys the views a higher-floor provides, the ability to work out or swim at home or greater shopping options, Kaneohe is your best bet.

Keep in mind, though, that this same town also has low-rise condos and townhomes in places surrounded by greenery as beautiful as anything to the south. There's even townhomes available in places like Makani Kai Marina & Poha Kea Point right on Kaneohe Bay, some with their own docks! Kaneohe is often put in the shadow of Kailua, but that's a huge mistake you can capitalize on in your Oahu condo search.

North Shore Condos
If there's one place that takes low-rise to new levels, it's Oahu's North Shore. Condos here are rarely more than a very few units in a building, duplexes or a larger house that's been divided up. It's very unusual for a structure to be more than 2 stories in this area. Simplicity is the rule, so any thoughts of even central AC should probably be put aside.

In a popular area on North, like Turtle Bay, you can expect prices in the high 6 figures and more, due to the high land values and the incredible scenery that brings more and more tourists up here every year. It's a sanctuary of Old Hawaii that has escaped the development that's covered most of Oahu.

Many North Shore Oahu condos have front row views of waves that defy belief, a sight that never fails to amaze even after years of living here. When your spirit says 'Get Back to Nature', this is where it's telling you to go.

Kapolei Condos
Kapolei has a lot going for it these days. Finally, it's coming into its own as the indisputable center of Leeward Oahu, with numerous shopping and dining choices, including major big box stores.

In terms of real estate, this is where you're almost guaranteed a condo or townhome built within the last couple of decades and available at a more affordable price than most places in Honolulu. It'll probably be larger as well.

That said, Kapolei condos aren't the urban variety you'd expect. They fall in the Under 5 Stories category, a friendlier, more approachable residential face than you'd expect in this booming area. So you live in a more open space even though you're in the midst of Oahu's new city. This could be the time and place to get in on the ground floor of a very good thing.

Ewa Beach Condos
Ewa Beach follows the same pattern as Kapolei, keeping the building heights lower in spite of sharing in the explosive growth of recent years. That's what attracts people here, though – more space inside combined with more open space outside than urban Honolulu. Those larger floor plans apply to both condos and townhomes.

A real discussion of Ewa Beach real estate isn't just about what's there now, but what's to come. Development is still going on, with new structures taking shape today, but more still in the planning stages. The new rail system will begin its run eastward from Kapolei, so Ewa Beach residents will be positioned to use it easily after just a short drive. Condos in Beach Ewa are being set up for success in the coming years so a smart Oahu condo search would include a good look at this growing district.

Makakilo Condos
The slopes of Makakilo are home to more townhomes than condos, the terrain alone lending itself better to that kind of residence. The community lies just over the highway from Kapolei, so all the shopping and eating resources are in easy reach, as is the coming rail system. Most townhomes are higher up the hillside, where more of the most recent development has been done.

That can work to your advantage, since it provides the prospects of a more sweeping view than below. Like the rest of the Ewa plain, new residences are being added to satisfy demand as this new center grows and grows.

One of the latest additions here, for example, is Makakilo-Kahiwelo, which has very generous floorplans perfect for couples expecting to expand their family or anyone who just wants some extra space. Among Oahu condos on the west coast, the condos in Makakilo tend to get more of a breeze and be slight cooler, due to the elevated location.  

Aiea & Pearl City Condos
The more urban streets of Aiea & Pearl City are much further along in their development, so the presence of condo towers here isn't surprising. Both towns have seen more upward building since the 1970's and 80's, when outward expansion reached their district.

What many don't see from just driving through, though, are the many low-rise condo and townhome communities that lie back up in the hills, away from the busy strip of Kamehameha Hwy. Aiea especially has a number of these that have a very suburban feel, just a quick drive from Pearlridge Mall. Tucked back here, they enjoy a protective quiet and have green spaces that you wouldn't expect.

Here you do have selections of both the high-rise condo, mostly on or close to the highway, and the low, mainly up in the hills. Both can have beautiful views of iconic Pearl Harbor and the city lights that are beautifully lit up at night. It's often a matter of taste and practicality, but the important point about Aiea & Pearlridge is that you have them all.

Mililani Mauka Condos
The community of Mililani Mauka was always intended to be a kind of refuge up in the central area of the Island. Sitting on a plateau, the air and temperatures are cooler so it was the perfect place to come home to after a hot, stressful day. The townhomes here are part of that same vision, all of them coming with a yard, a garage and more floor space than is typical in Oahu.

Hampton Court's homes, for instance, are 2 and 3BR with towering ceilings and up to 1,700 sq ft, and that's just the inside. Rarely do you get that kind of space vertically as well as horizontally.

All residences here were built between 1991 and 2007, so you have the added benefits of more modern building techniques and amenities. The neighborhood is strictly residential, with just one small strip of stores that includes a Starbucks. Shopping is not an issue, though, because you'll find more than enough across H-2 in Mililani Town, making it accessible for even quick errands.

Mililani Mauka townhomes for sale are the right choice for those who want to fully focus on their family and life outside of work once they get home. It's the place to recharge and renew, each and every day.

The Next Step Forward
Figuring out where to take your Oahu condo or townhouse hunt next should be easier from here. Keep in mind what you want out of life, and your lifestyle, for the time ahead. After all, the condo in Oahu you buy should be more than a purchase. It should be a new lease on life.
  • Oahu Condos - Trends & Statistics

  • The price range of condos for sale in Oahu is $25K to $36M with a median price of $479K and median interior of 874sf.
  • The median price of condos sold in Oahu year-to-date (Jan - Feb 22, 2017) is $398K. In previous years it was $399K (2016), $364K (2015), $345K (2014), $335K (2013), $316K (2012), $302K (2011), $307K (2010), $305K (2009), $325K (2008), $345K (2007), $305K (2006), $265K (2005), $210K (2004), $175K (2003).
  • 635 condos have sold in Oahu year-to-date (Jan - Feb 22, 2017). In previous years, the total number of condos sold were 5629 (2016), 5117 (2015), 4956 (2014), 5034 (2013), 4290 (2012), 3956 (2011), 3850 (2010), 3500 (2009), 3888 (2008), 6086 (2007), 8029 (2006), 8313 (2005), 8128 (2004), 6903 (2003).
  • On average Oahu condos were on the market for 55 days before they were sold (Jan - Feb 22, 2017). In previous years it was 78 days (2016), 82 days (2015), 83 days (2014), 68 days (2013), 61 days (2012), 68 days (2011), 65 days (2010), 76 days (2009), 68 days (2008), 58 days (2007), 44 days (2006), 40 days (2005), 45 days (2004), 63 days (2003).
  • The average days on market for Oahu condos before sold was 59 days January 2017 compared to 84 days January 2016.
  • The ratio of Oahu condos sales price vs list price was 98.6% January 2017 compared to 98.5% January 2016.
  • 382 Oahu condos were sold January 2017 compared to 344 condos sold January 2016.
  • The total dollar volume of condos currently for sale in Oahu is $1.47B and the sold dollar volume year-to-date (Jan - Feb 22, 2017) is $344.64M. In previous years sold dollar volume was $2.87B (2016), $2.17B (2015), $2.04B (2014), $1.95B (2013), $1.6B (2012), $1.44B (2011), $1.42B (2010), $1.22B (2009), $1.48B (2008), $2.46B (2007), $3.11B (2006), $2.65B (2005), $2.06B (2004), $1.4B (2003).
  • The most recent sale in Oahu was a condo located at #0-PH1406 , sold for $1.29M on Feb 21, 2017. It had 1265sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: #1814 (680sf) sold for $135K on 2/21/2017. #201 (577sf) sold for $242K on 2/21/2017. #1106 (1,434sf) sold for $587K on 2/21/2017. #1808 (1,245sf) sold for $1.6M on 2/21/2017. #1912 (728sf) sold for $635K on 2/21/2017. #20C (1,244sf) sold for $843K on 2/21/2017. #402 (532sf) sold for $374K on 2/21/2017. #902 (839sf) sold for $635K on 2/21/2017. #3211 (948sf) sold for $599K on 2/21/2017.
  • In Oahu there is currently 1,499 fee simple and 222 leasehold units for sale. 797 of the condos have ocean views, 324 have Diamond Head views and 802 have mountain views.
  • There are 182 studio floor plans, 441 x 1 bedroom floor plans, 747 x 2 bedroom floor plans, 320 x 3 bedroom floor plans and 24 x 4 bedroom floor plans.