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41-1625 Humupaa Street
$799,000 3 Bd / 2 Ba / 1,392 sf

This beautifully updated 3 bedro...

41-1200 Waikupanaha Street
$1,595,000 3 Bd / 4 Ba / 2,625 sf

Retreat to your gated private es...

41-891 Laumilo Street
$3,495,000 3 Bd / 2 Ba / 1,957 sf

Waimanalo Beach oceanfront home ...

41-978F Waikupanaha Street
$1,200,000 9 Bd / 4 Ba / 3,496 sf

Contractor Special! Good Invest...

41-1615 Humuniki Place
$749,000 3 Bd / 2 Ba / 1,024 sf

Charming home remodeled with qua...

41-485 Kalanianaole Highway
$2,200,000 4 Bd / 3 Ba / 2,118 sf

New Price Reduction, wow! Absolu...

41-042 Hilu Street
$1,499,500 3 Bd / 3.5 Ba / 5,432 sf

BEACH LOTS Waimanalo RARE opport...

41-745 Kaulukanu Street
$1,600,000 2 Bd / 1 Ba / 1,208 sf

Attention flower farmers. Take o...

About Waimanalo
Waimanalo real estate is something altogether different. It isn't unusual to see horses being ridden beside its tree lined roads or locals walking around barefoot, enjoying another beautiful day in this oceanside community. You've arrived in the kind of old rural Hawaii that Oahu doesn't have much of anymore.

The mountains stand close in, so there isn't a lot of room between their green cliffs and the beaches that many swear are the best on the Island. That doesn't leave a lot of land, but that's okay with most here as keeping things small is a priority. You don't live here to capitalize on new development coming down the road.

That lack of Waimanalo real estate depth has another, maybe even greater benefit. No matter where you live in this town, you can probably walk to the beach. That's what they call commuting here.

The southern end of Waimanalo is lined with oceanfront homes that are some of the most envied properties anywhere in Hawaii. The waters outside these homes is clear crystal blue and just a little off the coast is the beloved Rabbit Island poking up out of the waters. Some of these luxurious Waimanalo houses have stood here for decades, but you'll find extravagant modern residences as well. Both command high 7 figure prices.

Those on a lower budget have options to choose from in Waimanalo as well, though. There are even some affordable properties to be found here. Head inland, and further north, and you'll come to small neighborhoods with attractive homes, mostly 1 story, that each have their own layout and design. Many have the old Hawaii wooden plantation style that so many love. These are residences built by individuals, not a developer. In Waimanalo 'Planned community' is a dirty word.

Wherever you are you're surrounded by Nature in its most thriving form, from the wild plants and flowers that spring up anywhere they find an opening to the towering mountainsides that seem to come in close to protect this tropical oasis a little better.

Even the waves come in a little stronger here as they tag the beach. The reefs here aren't as large so the water's power isn't broken too much on its way inward. It's still an excellent place to swim and jump in for quick refreshment, you're just given a small reminder that the ocean has a strength you must respect.

There is a large Native Hawaiian population here, mainly due to the Hawaiian Homelands property that takes up a part of the area. Their presence, and their desires, is a big reason that this oceanside community has kept its throwback charm.

The shopping here falls right in line. Small shops and eateries are scattered around, mostly local family businesses that the Waimanalo residents prefer to use. The owners and staff are all rooted in the community and part of the daily life. Even the main grocery store is a place called Shima's Supermarket. No Safeway or Whole Foods could ever fit in here.

You will need to drive on a regular basis, whether to one of the larger Windward Oahu towns or even Honolulu for your job or to do more substantial shopping. It's just part of living in a place like this one.

The beauty that permeates this side of Paradise could only come about in a place protected from the sometimes too heavy hand of Man. Nature spreads and grows in this place, only occasionally pruned back when absolutely necessary. Everyone needs to experience a place like this at least once in their lifetime. The lucky ones will move here and experience it every day.

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  • Waimanalo Houses - Trends & Statistics

  • The price range of houses for sale in Waimanalo is $749K to $3.49M with a median price of $1.54M, median interior of 2,037sf and median land size of 12,750sf.
  • The median price of houses sold in Waimanalo year-to-date (Jan - Apr 25, 2017) is $570K. In previous years it was $700K (2016), $607K (2015), $781K (2014), $535K (2013), $560K (2012), $529K (2011), $650K (2010), $750K (2009), $535K (2008), $527K (2007), $480K (2006), $824K (2005), $390K (2004), $355K (2003).
  • 7 houses have sold in Waimanalo year-to-date (Jan - Apr 25, 2017). In previous years, the total number of houses sold were 15 (2016), 24 (2015), 17 (2014), 19 (2013), 20 (2012), 12 (2011), 14 (2010), 9 (2009), 15 (2008), 16 (2007), 19 (2006), 16 (2005), 24 (2004), 19 (2003).
  • On average Waimanalo houses were on the market for 70 days before they were sold (Jan - Apr 25, 2017). In previous years it was 119 days (2016), 105 days (2015), 110 days (2014), 109 days (2013), 95 days (2012), 75 days (2011), 88 days (2010), 101 days (2009), 86 days (2008), 75 days (2007), 63 days (2006), 75 days (2005), 49 days (2004), 63 days (2003).
  • The average days on market for Waimanalo houses before sold were 87 days March 2017 compared to 64 days March 2016.
  • The ratio of Waimanalo houses sales price vs list price were 97.6% March 2017 compared to 100.0% March 2016.
  • 3 Waimanalo houses were sold March 2017 compared to 2 houses sold March 2016.
  • The total dollar volume of houses currently for sale in Waimanalo is $13.13M and the sold dollar volume year-to-date (Jan - Apr 25, 2017) is $4.74M. In previous years sold dollar volume was $14.3M (2016), $25.56M (2015), $16.12M (2014), $17.58M (2013), $17.23M (2012), $7.12M (2011), $9.61M (2010), $5.93M (2009), $9.15M (2008), $10.63M (2007), $12.54M (2006), $20.78M (2005), $12.58M (2004), $10.75M (2003).
  • The most recent sale in Waimanalo was a house located at , sold for $570K on Mar 31, 2017. It had 1024sf of interior. 9 other recent sales include: 41-540 Kualau Place (960sf) sold for $275K on 3/24/2017. 41-046 Ehukai Street (2,970sf) sold for $1.35M on 3/15/2017. 41-728 Mekia Street (980sf) sold for $520K on 2/8/2017. 41-620 Inoaole Street (884sf) sold for $570K on 2/6/2017. 41-611 Inoaole Street (2,641sf) sold for $780K on 1/27/2017. 41-1015 Kalanianaole Highway (836sf) sold for $679K on 1/6/2017. 41-042 Hihimanu Street (2,520sf) sold for $1.22M on 12/13/2016. 41-938 Kakaina Street (1,080sf) sold for $700K on 12/7/2016. 41-048 Ehukai Street (1,428sf) sold for $1.2M on 11/23/2016.
  • 2 of the houses have ocean views and 6 have mountain views.